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A-List Amino Booster Mix

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Your A-List transformation begins right here with the A-List Amino Booster. This powdered drink mix is your ultimate “shortcut” to help you manage your weight and jump-start your dieting journey.

A-List Amino Booster is formulated to help you:

  • Curb hunger and crush cravings
  • Turbo-charge your metabolism
  • Fuel your fat-burning engine

How does it work?

BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) are three important nutrients that can help you lose weight like you’ve never done before—as Dr. Fred explains in his latest book, The A-List Diet.

Clinical studies reveal the right mix of BCAAs can help you boost metabolism, build lean muscle, AND trim away excess fat—all with less effort.

This unique formula is a delicious starting point for all 6 dieter types outlined in The A-List Diet book, and is quickly becoming a favorite “shortcut” of A-List dieters everywhere.

How should I enjoy it?

Instead of tracking down an array of different BCAA powders, you can get the essential “A-List” amino acids right here in A-List Amino Booster.

Just mix it with cold water for a light, refreshing drink that stands alone. Or use it as the main ingredient in your personalized A-List Diet shake. (You’ll find the shake recipe designed for your individual dieter type in The A-List Diet book. Simply adjust the dosage of the A-List Amino Booster to meet the amount of BCAAs suggested for your type. The additional ingredients are easy to find from online supplement retailers or your local natural food store. But you’ll still get all the benefits of amino-boosting just by drinking the A-List Amino Booster by itself!)

To really spice things up, you can also create your own go-to Saturday night cocktail by blending A-List Amino Booster with ice and a shot of vodka.

Could this be the greatest metabolism-boosting innovation the diet world has ever seen? Experience it for yourself…

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Health Concern Energy, Healthy Aging, Weight Management
  • Do not take this product if you are taking medications for erectile dysfunction.
  • Consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product if you are pregnant, nursing, planning to become pregnant, if you have heart or liver disease, or if you are taking blood pressure medications or antidepressants.
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