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Adrenal Logic

  • I haven’t felt like this in years!

    With 8 different B vitamins--including, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, biotin, thiamin, pantethine, folic acid, and riboflavin...

    • You can rid your day of the up-and-down slumps and shout "I'm ready" at every challenge to cross your path.

    • It's enough of a Vitamin B BURST to help your cells maximize every morsel of food you put into your body.

    • It's the simple solution to skyrocketing your energy levels...

    • And just imagine what that can do for your health...

    • The Oomph you need to get into the gym and finally start shedding the flab that's been bothering you for years...

    • The gumption it takes to clean the house...race through the grocery store and knock out every item on your weekend "honey-do" list...

    • And the steely focus it takes to remember every name you learn, every event in your calendar, and every number you need to balance your checkbook.

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98% of physicians ignore it—
But ONE DOCTOR realizes it’s the first step to reclaiming youth…

“Thank God you told me about this —
I haven’t felt like this in years!

From ALL-NIGHT sleep to satin-smooth skin to
bursting energy that just never quits…
at its unseen source!

Dear Reader,

When one of his patients says…

I follow my diet to a tee and I keep gaining weight. Or

I can’t remember the last time I slept through the whole night. Or…

I can’t explain it—but I just don’t feel right.

A screaming red flag flies into the air for one doctor…

It’s an unseen source of aging which could be affecting up to 80% of Americans.

And it can stall even the most diligent dieter, sabotage your sex life, sag your skin, muddle your memory, and even amp up stress.

And while nearly every other doctor ignores this source of aging—it’s the first thing he looks for when he meets with a new patient—and it’s changed his practice.

Today, I want to reveal a new solution that finally tackles this unseen source head on. A bold new secret that could help capture youth like nothing before. It’s the proud work of one expert on this unseen source and it could have you saying…

 “My diet is finally working!
I haven’t been able to wear these pants in 5 years!”

Or, seeing a face that is visibly brighter—almost younger—than it was just a few weeks before

Or even telling your own doctor…

“Thank GOD I found out about this—I haven’t felt this good in years.”

It’s the highlight of this particular doctor’s career. And now he’d love for you to be able to say the same things, too.


Adrenal glands? Cortisol? Your doctor has never mentioned anything about them! So how can you tell if your adrenal glands are crying for help?

If you have any of these symptoms—your body could be fighting against a ruthless source of aging.

  • Flabby fat around your midsection
  • Blood sugar concerns
  • Stiff muscles and joints—even when you haven’t exercised
  • Brain fog throughout the day
  • Restless legs and swollen ankles
  • Strong salt cravings
  • Dry skin
  •  High stress level


Any one of these warning signs could mark you as one of the 8 out of 10 Americans struggling with this unseen source of aging—but now there’s help!

What do you want to feel?

  • Slimmer clothes…
  • A surging sex-life…
  • Or just plain BLISS whenever you look in the mirror?

Hi, my name is Amanda Angelini. Today, I want to introduce you to one of America’s foremost experts on a dangerous source of aging. And more importantly, I want to show you what you can do about it.

In a moment, I’m going to reveal his secret to sparking your diet, focusing your mind, supporting your heart…and as you’ll see, so much more.

This doctor’s name is Fred Pescatore, M.D. and it’s his expert opinion that this is the very first step to reclaiming your youth and it’s a secret he’s already used to help literally thousands of patients.

And now YOU can use this secret to turn your health around, too. Because the statistics show…

This unseen source of aging
could be sabotaging YOUR health!

At first, Dr. Pescatore was shocked to see how many of his frustrated patients were affected. Now, he’s more surprised when a patient isn’t.

It’s dangerous. And as many as 80% of Americans will at some point come face-to-face with it.

That’s right—8 out of 10 people!

Those are horrible odds…and still doctors ignore its effect on aging!

I’m talking about cortisol. And it can wreak havoc on the aging process.

You may not have heard of it, but runaway cortisol could be coursing through your body this very moment…

You should! Your heart, your weight, your skin, your joints, your memory, and even your looks are affected by it

This natural hormone…

Commands your metabolism…
Dictates your sleep patterns...
Impacts your blood sugar levels…
And even affects your mood.

In fact—this unseen source of aging has a firm grip on the health of your ENTIRE BODY. That’s why it could be the most important hormone your body creates.

Imagine just one single substance plays a role in…

  • Producing, storing, and regulating your energy supply every hour of every day…


  • Fine-tuning your immune system, your heart rate, your muscle-tone, even your perspiration.
  • Zipping you into action whenever duty calls with a burst of body-pumping, memory-jogging energy!

When stress strikes—cortisol rushes in and grabs control of each of these vital systems.

The Mayo Clinic’s urgent warning:
“Constant stress puts your
health at risk!”
“Your body’s stress reaction was meant to protect you. But when it’s constantly on alert your health can pay the price”


And get this…
More than half of Americans admit—

And just think about the millions more who don’t admit it!

You’re bombarded with an endless assault of stress every day…be it your desk job, your nagging spouse, the car blaring its horn behind you, the bill marked “urgent” in your mailbox…

Every one of these stressful situations sends your cortisol levels racing like an off-the-rails rollercoaster.

Your body becomes flooded with the overpowering-hormone—affecting your blood sugar, your immune system, your emotions, your metabolism and much more.

Cortisol even triggers your appetite—so the more you have lingering in your body as a result of stress—the more you’re going to binge on unnecessary meals.

And as if that weren’t bad enough…

It can get to the point where your adrenal glands—the glands that make cortisol—can become so overworked from all of the stress and production…they  have a hard time producing enough cortisol when you need it.

That’s when you start to drag, stall, and stutter. Suddenly you find yourself nodding off behind the wheel instead of being alert and focused.

You might down a couple of espressos, or start knocking back “hours of energy” in a bottle to “shock” your adrenals back into production…

But like squirming in a sand pit—you’re only making matters worse. Stimulants last for a few hours at most and leave your adrenal glands weaker and more exhausted with every single cup.

An Important message from Dr. Pescatore:
Cuppa Joe? PLEASE, NO!

High octane coffee, sugary drinks, potent energy shots—starting your day with these “bursts” of energy—can send you spiraling into an all-day slump…

The truth is—your body views every cup of caffeine as an attack. Your adrenal glands fire up, adrenaline and cortisol pump through your body just as if you were in a stressful encounter and…

For an hour or so you feel alert and on your toes and ready for action. But the truth is, you might just be sitting at your desk or reading the paper at the kitchen counter and…

Your body is preparing itself for war!

But Dr. Pescatore is not the only doctor making a push for Americans to quit the caffeine…

“’Caffeinism’ is a state of chronic toxicity resulting from excess caffeine consumption. Caffeinism usually combines physical addiction with a wide range of debilitating effects, most notably anxiety, irritability, mood swings, sleep disturbance, depression, and fatigue. “

                                   --Stephen Cherniske, MS

Does that mean you’re doomed to drag through the day? Not at all! When you stop pushing your body with caffeine and START promoting healthy adrenal function—you’ll  experience what TRUE, natural energy feels like and you’ll never miss a single sip. It can start for you today!

Not enough cortisol—and you’re dragging
Too MUCH cortisol—and Red Alarms should be ringing

If cortisol is out of balance, you can feel like you’re swimming in quicksand…your body is in a sinking slump while your mind is racing like subway car.

But once you’re out—your body can be recharged and your mind can feel at peace with a resurgence of youth.

And remember—as many as 8 out of 10 people may be dealing with out-of-balance cortisol levels at any given time. Or another way to think about it—only two out of 10 people have it right.

So…enough is enough!
It’s time to hoist you out of the “Cortisol Quicksand” and…
show you what REAL ADRENAL POWER feels like!

Adrenal Logic is specially designed to keep runaway cortisol levels in perfect balance.

With this ONE all-natural marvel—I guarantee you’ll feel a DEFINING DIFFERENCE in…

Your sleep, your energy, your mood, and yes EVEN how you feel about yourself in the mirror…

Or you won’t have to risk a thing. (I’ll give you all of the details in a moment).

But first, I want to show you how Adrenal Logic goes toe-to-toe with the source of runaway cortisol levels…

With 1, 2, 3 of the most potent adapotgens known to man

Your body needs to have complete control over cortisol or your health will be constantly sabotaged.

This is why Dr. Pescatore has included 3 of the most POWERFULLY POTENT adaptogens known to scientists.

They grow in some of the most stressful environments on the planet. What does that mean for you? They’ve evolved properties that can directly affect how your body handles stress. Take a look…

One sprouts where little else does, in the rock-solid, frozen soils of Siberia.

Another flourishes amongst the clouds in China’s mountain forests.

And the third breakthrough springs forth in the sweltering heat of south India.

Talk about stress!

Millions of years’ worth of stress-relieving power—
and NOW science has figured out how they help you THRIVE

Ashwagandha root, Panax ginseng, and Siberian ginseng—all three have been recognized as adaptogenic herbs.

When your body is charged with any one of these three adaptogens—you have a better ability to keep your body in perfect balance no matter what crisis life throws at it.

The Russian government has given Siberian ginseng to its explorers, divers, sailors, Olympic athletes and miners to help keep them healthy in times of stress…

Chinese apothecaries have used panax ginseng for centuries to enhance stamina and the capacity to cope with fatigue and physical stress.

And the third stress supervisor, ashwagandha root has been one of the most important members of Indian Ayurvedic medicine for over 3,000 years thousands of years! It has been used to increase stamina, support mental acuity and one in vitro study suggests it even supports cellular mitochondrial health—the power source for every one of your cells.

Who is going to finally speak out against runaway cortisol?
Meet Dr. Fred Pescatore

Ignorance, fear, laziness? Who knows why doctors aren’t highlighting cortisol as one of the nation’s most dangerous sources of aging?

But Dr. Pescatore has single-handedly tackled some of the biggest health concerns of our time—and runaway cortisol is next!

Having been featured on…
The View
The Today Show
ABC News
The O’Reilly Factor
Day and Date and…
Rachael Ray

Dr. Pescatore is one of the most sought-after medical experts in the country. He’s the author of numerous best-selling books, including The Hampton’s Diet. He’s the president of The International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists and he also manages an exclusive practice in the heart of Manhattan.

But today he’s unleashing one of his greatest triumphs to the world—the youth enhancing Adrenal Logic

But now NEW evidence reveals why these secrets could form the most important MEDICAL TRIO OF OUR MODERN ERA

These adaptogens directly affect the unseen source of aging!

And when you put all three together in ONE unique formula you get support to keep cortisol levels right where you need them…

You could finally see your weight loss efforts skyrocket—like untying the knot on a bursting balloon…

Your memory can hum, purr, and race like a fresh-out-of-the-showroom Rolls Royce…

When your cortisol levels are balanced  in your body you could even see a difference in your skin—like a revitalizing rush of youth every time you pass by the mirror.

Dr. Pescatore wants you to experience the same surge of confidence that thousands of his patients have experienced. That’s why he’s included this potent trio in Adrenal Logic.

And let me ask you…

When’s the last time your doctor asked,
“How are your adrenals holding up?”

My guess is never.

But NOW, giving these age-influencing glands a helping hand is easier than ever with Adrenal Logic.

That’s because every dose of my advanced Adrenal Logic formula is absolutely loaded with nutrients that specifically support your adrenal glands—and that’s a critical step in giving you control over cortisol.

It all begins with the adrenal anti-stress breakthrough—pantethine.

Pantethine is a vital part of the enzyme, coenzyme A, which is the lifeblood that fuels the production of all of your adrenal hormones.

Think of it as the fossil fuel that creates the gasoline powering your stress response.

In fact—pantethine is commonly referred to as, the anti-stress vitaminand has been used to help back up the adrenal glands when dealing with stress, as well as supporting a healthy immune system.

And even better—pantethine may help you keep a firm grip on that unseen source of aging, runaway cortisol.

Preliminary Japanese human research reveals pantethine helps buffer the rise of urinary cortisol in patients dealing with stressful conditions.

This means pantethine may help keep cortisol under control even during stressful times.

But Adrenal Logic won’t stop protecting the source of your stress response with just one breakthrough.

Every dose nourishes your adrenal glands with…

A CAVALRY of B-vitamins (with 8 different B’s) and a POWERFUL punch of vitamin C—both of which are essential to adrenal gland function.


With your adrenal glands in a perfect position to deal with all the ups, downs and sideways twists a stressful day can throw—you can finally feel CONFIDENT in your energy and excited about your youth.

But that’s not all…

What if you never NEEDED another cup of coffee in your life?

You might love the taste of coffee, or the routine of a cup in the morning while you read the paper or watch the news…and that’s fine…but far too many Americans are sucking down sugary lattés and  triple espressos in an effort to not fall asleep while standing up.

If that sounds familiar—you’re in desperate need of an energy revamp.

When your cortisol levels are in perfect balance—you can rise out of bed each morning feeling refreshed and ready—feel awake and alert throughout the day—and be ready to instantly fall asleep as soon as you go to bed.

That’s because cortisol powers your circadian rhythm. It dictates when you rise and when you rest—and when it’s flooding your body—you won’t be able to rest.

The simple solution to your sagging slump…

Nearly 20% of all people over 65 could be deficient in vitamin B12—one of the key components to converting food into energy. And that’s just one of the critical nutrients we should be getting from our diet, but we’re not.

Imagine—a good portion of your food passing right through you without ever fueling your tank.

It’s a key reason why so many Americans are eating more and more—and feeling less and less energy.

Two questions to help you find out…
If YOU are one of the 80%

It’s simple…

First, ask yourself these two questions…

Do you routinely wake up around 3 or 4 in the morning?

As I mentioned, cortisol is the KING of your sleep. In fact, your levels are supposed to be at their highest when you wake. It’s nature’s alarm clock. But too much of it can have that alarm going off far too early. It’s a tell-tale sign you can’t afford to miss.

Do you NEED coffee to get through the day?

If so, your body is on a cortisol rollercoaster ride. Spiking and dipping levels send your energy sagging through the floor. Sure, coffee helps for an hour, but all it’s really doing is contributing to the problem. I’ll show you why in just a moment…

But with Adrenal Logic you’re ready for more, more, MORE!

With 8 different B vitamins—including, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, biotin, thiamin, pantethine, folic acid,  and riboflavin

You can rid your day of the up-and-down slumps and shout “I’m ready” at every challenge to cross your path.

It’s enough of a Vitamin B BURST to help your cells maximize every morsel of food you put into your body.

It’s the simple solution to skyrocketing your energy levels…

And just imagine what that can do for your health…

The Oomph you need to get into the gym and finally start shedding the flab that’s been bothering you for years…

The gumption it takes to clean the house…race through the grocery store and knock out every item on your weekend “honey-do” list…

And the steely focus it takes to remember every name you learn, every event in your calendar, and every number you need to balance your checkbook.

That’s how much of a difference loading up your body with these simple solutions can make!

And when a crisis does come calling—
You can keep your wits, keep your cool, and keep your dignity

Of course you want to be the rock in your family. A focused voice of reason and resolve to your husband or wife, to your friends, and especially your children.

But when your adrenal glands are fatigued…
When your cortisol levels are already through the roof…
When your body can’t even take simple food and convert it into energy…

You’re not going to handle yourself well.

In fact, there’s a good chance you’ll snap, get anxious, and fall apart in the face of a crisis.

So Adrenal Logic features a mega-dose of the stress-managing substancephosphatidylserine, or PS for short.

600 mg of PS has been shown to blunt the rise of cortisol levels following strenuous training and significantly reduce cortisol levels after exposure to physical stress.

 A 300 mg dose has even been shown by researchers to help improve mood in young adults.

To give you an example, PS has been studied to help golfers improve accuracy during the high pressure tee-off.

Imagine—all the cameras, the lights, the sudden silence as you hoist your driver back over your shoulder—not to mention the thousands of dollars on the line…

But PS rushes in to provide focus and clarity even during a highly stressful moment like this…

And you can have it all now.

Finally released to EVERYONE

This is the exact formula Dr. Pescatore gives his patients when he sees the RED FLAG of cortisol come flying up.

He’s seen it work thousands of times to help folks just like you grab the reins of their health and finally jumpstart their weight loss, their heart health, their sex lives, their smarts, and so much more.

With as many as 8 out of 10 Americans suffering from runaway cortisol at any given time—just how much of a difference can Adrenal Logic make in YOUR life today?

He’s seen this very formula help kick start weight loss in men who never thought they’d beat the bulge.

He’s seen women look years younger because they’re finally falling asleep when they want to and staying asleep all night long.

And he’s seen married couples who came in grouchy and bickering, rekindle their love lives with better moods and better sex.

That’s the power of finally beating the unseen source of aging, runaway cortisol.


I want you to say…
So Dr. Pescatore is taking all the risk for you.

Every bottle of  Adrenal Logic
comes with a 100% money-back guarantee!
Ridding yourself of this unseen source of aging is now easier than ever!
I want you to experience what taking care of your long-ignored adrenal glands can truly do for your health. Because when you have command of your cortisol levels…

Powerful potency—
with maximum savings!

2 capsules contain                                    Cost if purchased separately

Ashwagandha extract – 150 mg                                              $24.99

Eleutherococcus sinesis (Siberian Ginseng) – 150 mg         $3.99

Panax Ginseng – 50 mg                                                             $24.99

B-vitamin complex                                                                     $20.53
(thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6
Folic acid, vitamin B12, biotin,

Phosphatidylserine (PS) – 50 mg                                              $22.49

Licorice root – 50 mg                                                                  $10.03

Separate cost of ingredients TOTAL:                                       $107.02

                     ADRENAL LOGIC TOTAL:                                      $32.99

That’s a $74.03 SAVINGS!
Try Adrenal Logic RISK-FREE today.

Your energy, your clarity, your all-around YOUTH can reach new heights!

Don’t miss this chance. All you have to do is order below now.

And just to make sure you really understand how important this ONE breakthrough is to your health—you’ll get a 100% ANYTIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE with your purchase today.

Dr. Pescatore is positive you’ll feel the results of Adrenal Logic—and fast—but he wants you to feel secure. That’s why you can easily return it for a FULL REFUND (less shipping) ANY TIME, no questions asked. And you can even keep any opened bottles you may have just to finish them out.

He calls this—the FEEL THE DIFFERENCE guarantee.

I understand you never hear anyone (including your doctor) talk about cortisol and adrenal glands. But Dr. Pescatore is so convinced this could be such a game-changing, defining moment for your health, he’s willing to take all the risk for you.

FEEL THE DIFFERENCE or get your money back—at any time.

This is the most advanced formula ever created for your adrenal health.

Adrenal Logic provides 3 different advanced adaptogens—which if bought separately could total more than $40!

It gives you twice as many energy-saving B-vitamins you’re likely to find in other formulas…

That’s whole body, natural energy so you can skip the cuppa Joe and move on to your next task, chore or event with confidence!

And Adrenal Logic loads you up with a healthy dose of mood-supporting PS for added stress relief.

And you have nothing to lose by trying it today!

Adrenal Logic could easily sell for over $50.

But because Dr. Pescatore is so proud of this formula and because he thinks it’s so important to the health of every man and woman today—he’s releasing this revolutionary formula for just $34.95.

That’s over 14 of the most advanced ingredients that specifically tackle one of the biggest enemies to your youth…

And it can be yours for the price of a dinner at your favorite restaurant.

So what are you waiting for?

This is a breakthrough Dr. Pescatore has personally been using for himself and his patients—and it’s finally available to you!

He’s not waiting for the mainstream to wise up to this unseen source of aging—if you want something done right, do it yourself.

Adrenal Logic is the most advanced formula for your adrenal health and with the FEEL THE DIFFERENCE guarantee, you have nothing to lose by seeing what it can do for your youth today.

Don’t wait another minute. Try Adrenal Logic today.


Amanda Angelini
Editor of Dr. Pescatore’s
Logical Health Alternatives

P.S. Remember, this is the very same formula Dr. Pescatore uses in his own practice—and it’s already helped thousands. So what do you want? Lose weight, get better sleep, or maybe “wow” your wife with a rekindled fire? None of it can happen if your body is flooded with this unseen source of aging. Tackle the cortisol, support your adrenal glands, and feel the difference in your energy, your mood, and your youth today!

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