Glucynergy Advanced

Glucynergy Advanced

L-Glutamine Powder

L-Glutamine Powder


The guilty pleasure secret to "eternal youth"

CocoaLogic combines glutamine, arginine, ornithine, lysine, and glycine--all critical youth-promoting amino acids--along with one of the world’s strongest superfoods, premium dark cocoa powder. 

When your body’s stores of these amino acids start to dip, that’s when those nagging symptoms of old age can start to creep in. So keeping your levels where they need to be is the real secret to “eternal youth,” and all of the perks that come with it…

  • firm, rejuvenated skin

  • strong, steady bones

  • razor-sharp memory

  • boundless energy

  • sound, regenerative sleep

  • a slim silhouette

  • a strong immune system

  • and much, much more!

It’s an exclusive, breakthrough combination of nutrients you won’t find anywhere else. Especially not at this price.

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The guilty pleasure secret to “eternal youth”
Just 3 weeks to a vibrant, rejuvenated,
younger you

Dear Reader,

Forget everything you’ve been told about “aging gracefully.” Because you’re about to discover a secret the mainstream “anti-aging” industry is desperate to keep under wraps…

You don’t have to surrender your youth.

We live in a culture where we just expect to feel bad. We expect to feel the encroaching “signs of aging.” Weight gain. . Sagging skin. Fatigue. Fuzzy thinking.. The list goes on…

But you can stop this downward spiral before it starts. You can even throw it into reverse.

That’s right.

Aging younger is absolutely possible. One world-renown physician helps his patients do it every day.

And now, for the first time, you can do it too.

You CAN feel young—
no matter how “old” you are

And if you play your cards right, you may even feel better than ever.

But before I tell you exactly what it takes to age younger, let me tell you what you don’t need.

You don’t need one of those overhyped formulas you’ll see anti-aging “experts” selling on late-night infomercials. And you don’t need potentially risky cosmetic procedures.  In fact…

The secret to youthful vigor, complexion, waistline, wit…and much more has been tucked away inside something most people consider a “guilty pleasure”…and only indulge in a little nibble at a time...

It’s here!
Your own, personal Fountain of Youth
and it’s flowing with CHOCOLATE!

By now, you’ve probably heard that chocolate can be good for you. But you may not realize just HOW good. The cutesy headlines touting chocolate as a “health food” only offer a glimpse into its true potential. For instance:

  • A high dose of chocolate significantly improved blood vessel function and blood flow after just 2 hours in one clinical trial.
  • Smelling chocolate was correlated with reduced levels of ghrelin, the body’s hunger hormone, in the subjects of another study. In other words, just the scent of chocolate can help curb appetite. In fact…
  • People who eat chocolate on a daily basis can reduce the amount of food they eat at meals—and in-between meal snacks— according to one neuroscientist who has conducted in-depth research on chocolate’s effects on weight.
  • Chocolate is also a powerful nerve soother. When scientists studied its effects on mood, they found people in the “high-dose” chocolate group reported feeling calmer and more content.

And here’s something especially interesting about chocolate’s effects...

In another study people over the age of 50 actually experienced better results than younger subjects.

In other words…

The older you are, the better chocolate can work!

And not just in terms of keeping your blood flowing…

In fact, this decadent treat may also very well be the key to helping you turn back the clock on every aspect of aging—starting TODAY.

I realize this may sound too good to be true. But, for once, it isn’t.

Of course, not just any chocolate can give you these revitalizing benefits.

You see, clinical research shows that one specific kind reigns supreme. In fact…

This special form of chocolate
ranks ahead of pomegranate, blueberries, and even acai
in terms of antioxidant content

And this race is nowhere near neck and neck.

In fact, according to a 2011 study, the most powerful form of chocolate contains three times more antioxidant flavonols than any of the superfoods the researchers pitted it against.

I’ll give you all the details on this specific chocolate antioxidant powerhouse in just a minute—including where you can get it. But first, you might be wondering…

What, exactly, do antioxidants have to do with aging?

Everywhere you go…everything you do…you’re constantly being bombarded by oxidative stress. From car exhausts, secondhand smoke, chemicals in cleaning supplies, the list goes on and on. Not to mention the oxidative stress caused by the free radicals your body produces naturally, during everyday functioning.

There’s no escaping it.

And gradually, this exposure takes its toll on your body…from the inside out.

Which means—

Your body starts aging
LONG before you ever see a wrinkle or gray hair

So by the time you see those crows’ feet creeping in around your eyes…and the skin around your neck starts sagging…

Well, every cell in your body is already on the fast track to “old age.”

And it’s not just about your “looks.”

Oxidative stress is one of the reasons those annoying “senior moments” start happening every time you step up to the ATM and try to remember your PIN number. And why you find yourself dozing off halfway through the six o’clock news. And why you just feel like you can’t keep up with the grandkids anymore.

But antioxidants help you fight back.

They smother rogue free radicals and help extinguish oxidative stress. In other words, they help you—

Beat back aging at the source

And one form of chocolate in particular is absolutely brimming with these powerful youth defenders.

Research shows it’s…

  • A bonafide brain booster. A 2013 study in the journal Neurology on 60 people over the age of 70 found this type of chocolate  supported cognitive function—in just 30 days.
  • A cardiologist’s dream. A review of 70 human clinical trials  spanning 12 years published in 2013found that it helps  keep arteries healthy, blood pressure steady, and may even help keep cholesterol levels in check.
  • A healthy weight wonder. Emerging research suggests this specific type of chocolate may even help promote a healthy weight. Researchers think it may help decrease fatty acid synthesis while stoking metabolism at the same time.
  • A dental dynamo. Preliminary animal and in vitro research even indicates that it may help prevent cavities and keep your gums healthy…Imagine—avoiding dentures with chocolate?!

And this is just a small sampling of what makes this special form of chocolate the guilty pleasure secret to aging younger.

But you don’t need to go hunting for one of those fancy 80% dark chocolate bars to get these benefits. And you don’t have to choke down any chalky cocoa nibs.

Because all these revitalizing effects come from one of the simplest forms of chocolate there is—cocoa powder.

Of course I’m not talking about those little packets of instant hot chocolate. No, these powerful time-rewinding benefits come from the flavonols and antioxidants found in unsweetened, dark cocoa powder. But unfortunately, finding a quality source isn’t as easy as hitting the baking aisle of your local supermarket.

Which is why world-renowned physician Fred Pescatore, M.D. has created a brand new aging breakthrough called CocoaLogic.

Dr. Pescatore has centered his entire medical career around making health easy—even enjoyable—for his patients. And CocoaLogic may be his most innovative formula yet. It offers  cocoa powder’s benefits, without the guesswork. All in a rich, decadent, one-of-a-kind drink you’ll absolutely crave.

But it’s not just the premium cocoa powder in CocoaLogic that makes it your most powerful ally against the ravages of time. You see, this unique formula is also—

Jam-packed with not 1…not 2…but
5 of nature’s most powerful youth-protectors

I’m talking about amino acids. These tiny protein building blocks are essential for keeping your body operating at peak performance as you age. They play a direct role in every process related to aging.

Energy, skin health, metabolism, memory. You name it, and chances are, amino acids are a key component.

Your body makes some amino acids naturally (you get others from food). Unfortunately, as you age, your body may have a hard time  keeping up with the demand. And you start feeling—and seeing—the effects all over.

Things start to wind down, slow down, and break down. Leaving you feeling sluggish, unattractive, forgetful—and downright old.

Which is why Dr. Pescatore included a very specific combination of amino acids in CocoaLogic. Each of them…

Scientifically shown to help promote
healthy aging—inside and out

Your entire body is made up of amino acids and proteins. They’re the basic building blocks of life itself—right down to the cellular level.

And Dr. Pescatore included the perfect combination of amino acids in CocoaLogic.

Each one has powerful rejuvenating properties in its own right. But when they’re combined, it’s like they form…

A tiny youth-defending army—
helping protect you from every symptom of aging

Leading this special forces unit is one amino acid in particular—glutamine. It’s the most abundant amino acid in the body.

You’ll find glutamine in your muscles, in your blood, and in your cerebral and spinal fluid. Basically, it’s everywhere in your body. And that’s one of the reasons it’s so important.

When you’re young and healthy, your body makes plenty of glutamine. But as you age, various factors can cause your production of this amino acid to drop off. Depleted glutamine levels rob your body of vital protection from a laundry list of health problems. Ones that—surprise, surprise—are all associated with “old age.” So keeping your glutamine levels optimal is the first step towards aging younger.

Research traces a whole lot of other benefits back to glutamine, too. This amino acid can also help…

  • Boost collagen production—which can help keep your skin smooth and your hair thick and lustrous
  • Build lean muscle mass
  • Promote a healthy body weight
  • Curb sugar cravings (and in Dr. Pescatore’s experience, it helps in a matter of minutes
  • Keep the brain healthy by playing a role in the natural removal of dangerous ammonia
  • Support mood by helping your brain produce the anxiety-soothing neurotransmitter GABA

And research also shows glutamine can raise your body’s natural levels of youth-preserving biochemicals. Obviously, these benefits are impressive enough all on their own. But Dr. Pescatore didn’t stop there…

One-stop shopping for
thick, lustrous hair…top-notch immune support…
raring-to-go energy…“staying power”
sex drive…total recall memory…

and much more!

Arginine plays a critical part in the release of nitric oxide (NO). And NO is a requirement for proper functioning of the endothelium (the technical term for the cells that line your blood vessels).

In other words, arginine is essential for healthy circulation. And when your body gets a steady flow of blood and oxygen, you feel vibrant and energized. That’s what makes this amino acid such an important weapon against aging.

Arginine also plays an integral role in a staggering number of processes that help keep you younger longer. For instance, arginine and nitric oxide are a critical component in…:

  • a stalwart immune system
  • steady insulin levels
  • a sharp memory and clear mind
  • strong hair growth
  • “vim and vigor” energy
  • surging stamina

It’s quite a resume. So it’s no wonder arginine is quickly becoming one of the hottest supplements on the market. And it explains why people are willing to shell out a pretty penny for arginine all on its own.

But with CocoaLogic, you get an age-reversing “twofer”…The fortifying power of arginine and the revitalizing effects of premium cocoa powder. All in a rich, delicious chocolate drink you’ll find yourself craving from the very first sip.

But CocoaLogic doesn’t stop there…

After all, you can’t talk about arginine without also discussing its natural amino acid sidekick. And this one has an interesting twist…

Imagine waking up rested, energized—

Ornithine works closely with arginine as a natural energizing duo. But on its own, ornithine may help promote healthy sleep patterns. And this unique benefit is vitally important for keeping aging at bay. Especially considering lack of sleep is one of those sneaky symptoms of aging no one thinks much about. But according to the National Institutes ofHealth, almost half of adults 60 and older have difficulty getting or staying asleep.

Obviously, you need quality zzz’s to feel vibrant, energized, and youthful…But getting enough sleep is also critical for preserving a young-looking, luminous complexion.

Your body’s collagen production actually depends on a complex series of events that take place while you sleep. So sleep is truly one of the most effective ways to combat wrinkles. And ornithine could help you get that elusive beauty rest your skin needs to stay soft and supple.

From smooth skin to strong bones…
CocoaLogic’s got you covered

Rounding out CocoaLogic’s age-defying amino acid combination are lysine and glycine.

Lysine plays an important role in collagen formation, which helps keep skin taut and firm. But collagen is also an integral component of bone. And lysine does double duty keeping your bones healthy and strong by increasing calcium uptake as well.

In effect, in vitro studies suggest that this amino acid energizes your body’s bone-building cells—especially in combination with arginine.

And last but certainly not least, there’s glycine. Like many of the other amino acids in CocoaLogic, it’s also an important component of collagen. In fact, scientists have found that collagen is one-third glycine. So keeping your levels of this amino acid where they need to be is essential for a firm, smooth complexion.

Plus, glycine also plays an important part in brain health and cognitive ability. So it also helps you keep your brain firing on all cylinders.  

When you get right down to it…

You simply can’t age gracefully
without these five power players

As you’ve seen, glutamine, arginine, ornithine, lysine, and glycine are critical youth-promoting amino acids.

When your body’s stores of these amino acids start to dip, that’s when those nagging symptoms of old age can start to creep in. So keeping your levels where they need to be is the real secret to “eternal youth,” and all of the perks that come with it…

  • firm, rejuvenated skin
  • strong, steady bones
  • razor-sharp memory
  • boundless energy
  • sound, regenerative sleep
  • a slim silhouette
  • a strong immune system
  • and much, much more!

And CocoaLogic combines all five of these amino acids—the very building blocks of life itself—along with one of the world’s strongest superfoods, premium dark cocoa powder.

It’s an exclusive, breakthrough combination of nutrients you won’t find anywhere else. Especially not at this price.

Now, don’t get me wrong. At $99, it may be more than you’ve spent on a supplement in quite some time. Maybe ever. But as you’ve seen, CocoaLogic offers so much more than those flash-in-the-pan products that make empty promises about rewinding time.

CocoaLogic is a revolutionary combination of nutrients. All of them backed by solid science to help you stay younger, longer. And it tackles aging in every sense—from fewer wrinkles to a strong, healthy heart and an armed-and-ready immune system.

In other words, CocoaLogic is truly an investment in your healthy, vibrant future—with  dividends you could reap for decades to come.  

And perhaps best of all, there’s no need to choke down half a dozen nasty pills two or three times a day to get all of the benefits of cocoa and amino acids. CocoaLogic delivers the rejuvenating power of this breakthrough combination in the form of a delicious, decadent 8 oz. glass of pure chocolate indulgence.

Who knew aging younger could be so easy…
and so delicious?

If you could hold on to thing from your youth, what would it be?

  • A smooth…flawless…glowing complexion?
  • A trim, tight waistline?
  • Zip-through-the-day energy?
  • “Total recall” memory?

Well, imagine if   there was a way to help keep all of the above...And that you could do it by indulging in one of your favorite guilty pleasures.

Dr. Pescatore has made it happen for hundreds of his patients. And now, with his brand new CocoaLogic formula, he’s making the impossible possible for you, too!

You’re just “one scoop per day” away
from a younger you!

CocoaLogic is truly a remarkable breakthrough in anti-aging science. A simple, but completely comprehensive formula that combines five of the most critical amino acids your body needs to stay youthful and vibrant. And it pairs that exclusive combination along with the unparalleled free-radical scavenging power of cocoa powder.

Other products claiming to help you recapture your youth can cost double—even triple—the CocoaLogic’s $99 price tag. Yet, most of the time, they’re only giving you a couple of antioxidants—ones with half the power of cocoa powder. So you’re only getting half of the age-fighting benefits (if that).  

Together, CocoaLogic’s unique and powerful blend of amino acids and cocoa powder (an unrivaled antioxidant powerhouse) addresses ALL of your body’s healthy aging needs—from the inside out.  

And all it takes is a single scoop mixed in 8 ounces of cold water once or twice a day.

For an added hint of sweetness to this rich, dark cocoa beverage mix, CocoaLogic also contains the perfect amount of natural stevia leaf extract. Which means CocoaLogic is completely—and naturally—sugar-free.

To preserve the integrity of the amino acids, CocoaLogic shouldn’t be heated or added to hot liquids. But you can try these other delicious serving ideas:

  • Truly bring yourself back to your youth and make “chocolate milk” by mixing a scoop of CocoaLogic with 8 ounces of almond milk.

  • For the ultimate indulgence, make a creamy, Dr. Pescatore-approved chocolate “milkshake.” Simply combine a scoop of CocoaLogic, a scoop of WheyLogic, and one tablespoon of macadamia nut oil with water and ice in a blender. Mix on high until thick, creamy and decadent.

  • Skip the expensive “mochaccinos” (and the sugar crashes and caffeine jitters that come with them), and whip up your own by adding a scoop of CocoaLogic to chilled, black coffee. Just add ice and mix on high in your blender for a healthy coffeehouse treat.   

This is it!

The secret to youthful vibrance you’ve been waiting for—all in a rich chocolate drink you’ll absolutely crave from your very first sip. Adore. Just sit back and indulge as decades seem to simply fade away

Cheers to a younger you!

Karen Reddel
NuLogic Nutritonals

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