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  • And feel more energized, focused and clear-headed the entire day by slowing the release of glucose into your bloodstream and leveling out post meal blood sugar spikes...

  • Plus, studies for berberine are pouring in showing

  • Improvements in fasting blood sugar

  • Improvements in after-meal blood sugar

  • Improvements in A1C scores

  • Improvements in body weight

  • And even improvements in lean body mass

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You’ve heard the news—you’ve seen the results
but there’s a sinister secret behind
this blood sugar breakthrough
that’s being ignored…
The Great Big
“Berberine Blunder”
that’s selling your
blood sugar short!
Learn the mindboggling-misstep that
robs you of berberine’s full potential
and the simple secret to getting it all!

Dear Reader,

Is this laziness, or worse?

I don’t like to use the word
“conspiracy” but…

When it comes to the natural blood-sugar breakthrough berberine, there is one big piece of the puzzle “they’re” not telling you.

And as you’ll see, this one omission could make all the difference between…

A little “pep-in-your-step” and surging energy!
Between skipping a few snacks and crushing your cravings
Between seeing your doctor smile and seeing him jump for joy!

By now you’ve likely heard how berberine could be…

The most powerful natural blood-sugar
discovery of the last 100 years

How it’s sparked over a dozen studies involving thousands of patients and untold sums of money.

And how it’s in such high demand that the Indian government has even put restrictions in place to protect it.

But here’s something corner-cutting vitamin hucksters across the country desperately don’t want you to know… a new, preliminary study suggests…

 A shocking amount of berberine’s overall potential is being left on the table!

Now sure, berberine is hands down one of the best natural blood-sugar breakthroughs on the market.

But seriously…

Would you ever pay full price
for half a Rolls Royce?

Of course you wouldn’t!

But that’s exactly what some berberine formulas are asking you to do by overlooking one simple step.

And that’s why today I’m going to show you a revolutionary blood-sugar formula that finally squeezes every last ounce of potential out of berberine…

It’s a seismic shift in blood-sugar science that uses the full force of berberine to help propel you through your day.


  • You’re waking each morning bursting with vim, vigor and vitality
  • You’re making it from lunch to dinner with less of those “snack attacks”
  • And maybe even noticing some breathing room in those “stretched-to-the-limit” jeans


Even if you’ve tried berberine in the past, you’re about to see why just one small tweak makes a night-and-day difference in your results…

And why countless people like Anthony Nezbit from South Carolina are writing in to say…

“This is far superior to any other solution
I have found in the past 10 years…”
-Anthony Nezbit

Or why George Neff from Michigan says...

“It’s so good on so many levels…
It’s the best I have found and I have tried many.
I feel great.”

-George Neff

Hi, I’m Karen Reddel for Dr. Fred Pescatore’s NuLogic Nutritionals.

And in just a minute, I’m going to expose one of the best-kept secrets in blood-sugar science…

One tiny step that  preliminary research suggests could help boost berberine’s power 3 in three unique ways! And amazingly, even some of the most famous and expensive berberine formulas are ignoring it!

But first, let me take a quick second to remind you exactly why berberine is rightly getting so much attention.

It all starts with what are known as AMPK enzymes.

AMPK enzymes do many things… But most importantly, they tell your cells to gobble up excess glucose in your bloodstream and convert it into energy—like tiny little furnaces.

Now, these enzymes are normally activated during periods of exercise and physical activity…

But when researchers took a closer look at berberine in vitro, they were shocked to find it has the amazing ability to…

Help shift those blood-sugar burning enzymes into high-gear—even when you’re at rest!

Now, of course you need to keep exercising regularly--but you’re human--you’re going to miss a day at the gym here and there.

But now you can feel confident because…

Running, walking, sitting or sleeping
berberine is launching an

all-out assault on excess glucose in your diet!

This is exactly what’s turning doctors’ heads around the country, why people are reporting such amazing results, and why studies are pouring in showing…

  • Improvements in fasting blood sugar
  • Improvements in after-meal blood sugar
  • Improvements in A1C scores
  • Improvements in body weight
  • And even improvements in lean body mass

Imagine an energy boost like you haven’t felt  in years…
Imagine not having to hit the fridge again and again after every meal…

Imagine your doctor’s surprised face as he marvels at your numbers during your next checkup!

Now, imagine taking these amazing natural results and enhancing them!

That’s exactly what you can expect with Dr. Pescatore’s groundbreaking blood-sugar formula known as GlucoLogic.

GlucoLogic enhances berberine by taking one simple step that’s so easy, it’s amazing everyone isn’t doing it!

Well, maybe it’s not so amazing… If they can make just as much money without putting in the extra effort—why would they?

And if everyone’s in cahoots, there’s no need to rock the boat…Right?

Consider the boat
officially rocked!

Because with GlucoLogic, Dr. Pescatore boosts the already amazing powers of berberine in 3 unique ways, with an amazing process we call “cinnamization”…

Yes, difficult to pronounce but so simple to put into action!

You see, emerging science suggests that combining berberine with cinnamon could help…

  • Enhance the berberine concentration in your blood stream—So berberine can expand its war on excess glucose from your diet!
  • Promote berberine absorption into your bloodstream—So the awesome power of berberine is rushed into your system faster than ever before!
  • Lengthen the retention of berberine in your system—So berberine stays in your blood stream even longer!

You heard that correctly—I’m talking about the potential for a …

A stronger, faster, longer-lasting
version of berberine

Now sure this is just one small study and more research needs to be done. But can you imagine seeing results and NOT combining these two blood sugar powerhouses together?

It’s almost a crime!

And when you feel the huge difference cinnamization makes in your daily life, you’ll understand exactly why people like William Bradford are saying…

“GlucoLogic is by far the best.
 I feel much better, no sugar spikes…”

Or why Gregg Ginn says…

“GlucoLogic is substantially superior to other formulations.
I have been feeling very well
even with extensive travel and work pressure.”

But be careful, you can’t expect to get these results with just any old cinnamon…

For GlucoLogic, Dr. Pescatore has gone out of his way to find one of the most effective forms of cinnamon around.

And to do it he tracked down research by America’s foremost authority on cinnamon (yes there is such a thing!)… A brilliant scientist and USDA researcher named Dr. Richard A. Anderson.

Dr. Anderson is well known in blood-sugar circles for being the first researcher to pinpoint the active ingredient in cinnamon… An amazing compound known as Type-A Polymers. 

But this incredible discovery also turned out to be the spark which ignited…

The “cinnamon shocker” that’s
transforming sugar science

You see, because no one knew about the active ingredient in cinnamon before Dr. Anderson…

Vitamin hucksters could just use any old type of cinnamon in their blood-sugar formulas without regard to type-a polymer content…

And cinnamon without type-a polymers is like a flashlight with no batteries, a lawn mower with no blade… A furnace with no fuel.

So people may have been paying through the teeth for cinnamon formulas that did little to nothing to help their blood sugar!

But Dr. Anderson didn’t just discover this problem, he discovered the solution.

You see, his groundbreaking research has led to the the first and only patented cinnamon extract specifically standardized for optimal type-a polymer content.

It’s a blood-sugar supporting dynamo known as Cinnulin PF®.

This amazing standardized extract has singlehandedly revolutionized the cinnamon blood sugar market forever…

And it’s good news for you because…

Cinnulin PF trounces the competition

In fact, just recently a study compared the amount of type-a polymers in Cinnulin PF against 3 cinnamon formulas on the market… And the results weren’t even close!

Cinnulin had 4 times more type-a polymer content than all 3 cinnamon blood-sugar formulas… And one of those formulas actually registered 0%!

High Altitude Hero

Cinnulin finally puts an end to the cinnamon guessing game because you’re guaranteed an optimal amount of type-a polymers in every single dose.

And what kind of results should you expect from a standardized cinnamon extract like Cinnulin?

Have a look for yourself…

Incredible insulin boost: A 2004 USDA sponsored in vitro study showed that Type-A Polymers were able to remarkably increase insulin activity 20 fold… Which means blood sugar can be rushed to your cells like never before.

Great glucose levels: In a 2007 randomized, placebo-controlled study 250 mg of Cinnulin PF twice per day for 12 weeks was able to significantly improve fasting blood-sugar levels.

Better body composition: In that same 2007 study, participants taking Cinnulin lost more body fat  than those given placebo…and had the added benefit of enhancing lean body mass.!

Healthy blood pressure: And finally, this same eye-opening study showed that Cinnulin supported healthy blood pressure levels.

With results like these, it’s obvious that Cinnulin could work wonders to help keep your blood-sugar numbers healthy on its own…

But when paired with the awesome powers of berberine, it’s enough to make you feel sorry for excess blood sugar in your diet!


This dynamic duo is your key
to boundless blood-sugar support

Your key to dusk-till-dawn energy.

Your key to keeping a healthy and trim waistline.

And believe or not, we’re just getting warmed up!

GlucoLogic was designed to not only reach the ceiling of natural blood-sugar support…but to shatter it completely.

That’s why Dr. Pescatore insisted we go one step further and also include…

The forgotten “French secret” to
squashing sugar spikes and
zapping snack attacks

With such an amazing story, it’s a wonder this cutting-edge ingredient was almost forgotten to time…

It all started on the St. Charles River in 1536, when freezing wind and snow pinned French Captain Jacque Cartier’s ship against an inhospitable shore.

His crew was trapped there for days… weeks… And then a mysterious illness began to spread among them.

Cartier started to fear the ship would be their final resting place until an Indian Shaman found them and brewed a special herbal remedy made from local tree bark.

One by one the men made a miraculous recovery from what we now know as scurvy, and the legend of the mysterious “Tree of life” was born…

But surprisingly, stories of this amazing tree bark started to fade almost as quickly as they started and the “tree of life” was almost forgotten completely.

But now…

After almost 400 years in hiding,
the “tree of life’s” greatest secret is finally being revealed

And it’s a revelation!

Just a few short years ago, scientists at the University of Wurzburg in Germany studied a standardized extract of the amazing “tree of life” known as Pycnogenol®… And they discovered something no one expected.

According to their groundbreaking in vitro study, Pycnogenol has the unique ability to help inhibit the enzyme responsible for breaking down carbohydrates.

So instead of carbs quickly turning into glucose and rushing into your bloodstream… Pycnogenol helps carbohydrates “enter the bloodstream steadily over a prolonged period of time.”

So you don’t have to feel guilty about “cheating” every now and again…

Because now you have extra support to help keep your blood sugar nice and level… Even after eating that occasional second helping of spaghetti!

But more importantly, with the incredible power of Pycnogenol on your side you could finally…

 Stamp down those after-meal
sugar spikes

And even say goodbye to that mid-afternoon grumbling, rumbling stomach, because with Pycnogenol it’s possible you may also notice…

Your stomach feels fuller
for longer periods of time

By slowing the release of carbs into your bloodstream, you could feel more satisfied between meals…

You might even notice a few extra bucks in your pocket at the end of the day, because you haven’t visited the snack machine once!

And don’t be surprised if you even start seeing some small changes in your waistline.

With over 220 scientific studies backing the many benefits of Pycnogenol, it’s no shocker that up until now this blood-sugar superstar came with a hefty price tag…

And that’s likely why this amazing nutrient has been kept out of the limelight and used almost exclusively by the rich and the wealthy.

But with GlucoLogic, Dr. Pescatore is finally lifting the “velvet rope” and letting you in on this powerful blood-sugar secret for a fraction of what those “elite” few may have paid (You’ll see the amazing wallet-busting specifics in just a second)…

And, he’s not stopping there! With GlucoLogic, you’ll get…

The blood-sugar magician, berberine

The berberine-boosting dynamo, Cinnulin PF

And the forgotten French secret, Pycnogenol

Plus…4 more blood-sugar breakthroughs
on the cutting edge of science

Breakthrough #1: The “Sugar Destroyer”

For over 2,000 years, people in India have used a natural leaf for blood-sugar concerns. The leaf is called Gymnema… Which actually translates to “sugar destroyer.”

And one study published in the respected Journal of Ethnopharmacology may point to why…

The study showed that patients who supplemented with Gymnema actually displayed a higher level of insulin… The substance in your body which rushes sugar out of your bloodstream and into your cells where it belongs!

More studies need to be done to confirm gymnema’s effect on insulin, but animal, in vitro and human studies all point to the blood sugar supporting power of gymnema.

Breakthrough #2 and #3: The Glucose “Gate Keepers”

Chromium appears to have the amazing ability to not only boost your insulin activity (much like Gymnema)…

But to also promote your insulin sensitivity.

You see, insulin guides sugar into your cells through tiny little portals known as insulin receptors. But as you get older, researchers have theorized that the number of  those receptors may start to decrease … So sugar has a harder time getting into your cells where it belongs.

But Chromium helps throw those receptors wide open so sugar can be rushed out of your bloodstream and directly into your cells!

And GlucoLogic isn’t stopping with just Chromium to help support your insulin sensitivity… We’re also including an amazing compound known as Vanadyl Sulfate which also appears to help support insulin sensitivity.

So you get not one, but two “glucose gatekeepers,” helping sugar to be shuttled directly into your cells.

Breakthrough #4: The Alpha Acid “Triple Threat”

It’s a little known fact…a diet high in sugar can put added oxidative stress on all of the cells in your body.

This stress can affect your energy, brain and even nerve function…

That’s why GlucoLogic makes sure all bases are covered by including a healthy amount of Alpha Lipoic Acid in every single dose.

Studies suggest Alpha Lipoic acid plays a role in your energy production, helps keep your brain sharp as a tack and even supports nerve function!

So with that, I think we’ve finally covered everything! And if you’ve been keeping count you’ll have noticed that…

GlucoLogic gives you 7
glucose game-changers,
in every single dose

Berberine, Cinnulin PF, Pycnogenol, Gymnema, Chromium, Vanadyl Sulfate, and Alpha Lipoic Acid…

Phwew! That’s a boatload of blood-sugar support…packed into 3 tiny capsules.

And any one of those breakthrough ingredients could work wonders for your blood sugar on their own…

But all 7 working together can absolutely change lives.

In fact, every day Dr. Pescatore gets flooded with letters from ecstatic patients telling him how!

“Glucologic is far superior to any other solution
I have found in the past 10 years…
I have more energy and I think I'll soon be able to return
to my favorite activity, ballroom dancing.”
-Anthony Nezbit

GlucoLogic is by far the best.
I feel much better, no sugar spikes…
I’m amazed at what one dose a day can do
to keep my sugar levels healthy .”
-William Bradford

“GlucoLogic is substantially superior to other formulations.
I have been feeling very well
even with extensive travel and work pressure.”
-Greg Ginn

“I have tried many different products to support my blood sugar.
I found that GlucoLogic keeps my blood sugar healthy.
I am 89 years old and am feeling less fatigue.”
-Glenda Nielson

“It’s so good on so many levels…
It’s the best I have found and I have tried many.
I feel great.”
-George Neff

And now it’s time to add your own success story to the ever-growing list!

But with this much excitement…

You need to
act fast!

Now that word is starting to spread about berberine’s amazing ability to trick your blood sugar to staying in shape… Demand has never been higher.

Those satisfied folks you just heard from keep coming back for more and more…

And GlucoLogic has quickly become THE most popular formula among Dr. Pescatore’s New York patients.

All these factors combined are causing GlucoLogic to practically fly off the shelves!

So I strongly urge you to place your order now, while supplies are in stock.

What’s more… I’ve scoured the internet and I can’t find another blood-sugar formula with this specific combination of 7 breakthrough ingredients.

But I did find them being sold individually…and you won’t believe what people are forking over to get them.

Have a look…

Cinnulin PF...............$7.49
Alpha Lipoic Acid....$39.98
Vanadyl Sulphate....$3.00

That’s more than DOUBLE what you’d pay for GlucoLogic… Heck, that’s more than my electric bill!

But with GlucoLogic, you get all 7 life-changing ingredients in one simple formula for the unbelievable price of just $39.95… That’s a savings of over $47.00!

And there’s never been a better time to order than right now! Because when you place your order today you’ll also receive Dr. Pescatore’s …

Results or Refund
Lifetime Guarantee

Dr. Pescatore has seen GlucoLogic change the lives of his patients firsthand…

And he’s so certain it can do the same for you, that he’s authorized our marketing team to issue an unbelievable guarantee.

Here’s how it works…

If you or your doctor aren’t completely blown away by the difference in your blood-sugar health after trying GlucoLogic, then we’ll happily pay you back every last penny of the purchase price (minus shipping)… It’s that easy.

In fact, Dr. Pescatore is so confident that he’s not even putting a time limit on this offer…

Give GlucoLogic a try for 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years… it doesn’t matter!

If you don’t notice a substantial change in your blood-sugar health, your energy levels, your post-meal sugar spikes, your weight management—or if you’re just unhappy for any reason at all… Simply let us know and we’ll refund every single penny of the purchase price (minus shipping) at any time.

No questions asked.

Well actually, there is just one question…

What are you
waiting for?

This is your risk-free opportunity to have a life-changing, blood-sugar breakthrough just like those satisfied folks you heard from earlier.

Your chance to feel the difference of life-infusing energy surging through your body…

Your chance to see a whole-new-you in the mirror…

This is your risk-free opportunity to finally…

Say farewell to your
blood-sugar blues

High Altitude Hero

It’s all possible with GlucoLogic on your side.

Simply click below and place your order right now.

Don’t put it off another second…

Because every second you wait is another second our all-star ingredient, Berberine, is being harvested like wild fire.

Another second your blood sugar is missing the extra support it deserves…

Another second bottles of GlucoLogic are disappearing off the shelves.

So don’t delay, secure your order of GlucoLogic now while supplies are still in stock and experience firsthand what a difference this groundbreaking formula can make in your life.

To unbeatable blood-sugar support at an unbelievable price,

Karen Reddel
President, NuLogic Nutritionals

P.S. GlucoLogic sets a new standard for blood-sugar support by combining 7 of today’s most cutting-edge ingredients in one formula for only a fraction of what you’d pay for them separately! Try it risk free today to experience a night-and-day difference in your energy, weight management, and overall blood-sugar health. Order now.

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