A-List Amino Booster Mix

A-List Amino Booster Mix




Reverse “brain aging” while you sleep with this innovative P.M. formula

 Thanks to a NEW scientific breakthrough, it’s finally possible to stop age-related memory loss in its tracks

And wake up every morning with a stronger memory than you had the night before!

Introducing NeuroThrive, Dr. Pescatore’s double-powered solution that works while you sleep to enhance ALL aspects of brain health.

Citicoline keeps your brain cells working fast and furiously—all day, every day—to boost your brainpower and reverse your fading memory. Clinical studies reveal that with citicoline, your brain can be 7 TIMES more accurate!

Plus, NeuroThrive includes ME-3, a groundbreaking discovery that does what no other nutrient on Earth can do. It works in three different ways to boost levels of your brain’s master antioxidant, known as glutathione.

Every night while you sleep, your body uses glutathione to give your brain a “deep cleaning,” to keep your mind quick, your memory sharp, and your brain youthful. ME-3 finally makes it easy to get more of this powerful antioxidant.

With this innovative formula, you can:

  • Halt embarrassing and frustrating “senior moments”
  • Improve the 4 areas of your memory you rely on most
  • Refuel your brain’s energy reserves for quick, efficient thinking
  • Keep your high-powered brain cells strong and resilient to aging

With NeuroThrive, you’ll start erasing decades of mental rust in as little as 28 nights—or your money back.

You’ll never have to waste another hour searching for your glasses or keys…or make another U-turn because you absentmindedly took the wrong exit on the highway. Finally, everyone will be trying to keep up with you in conversation—not the other way around.

And it’s so easy, it works while you sleep! See for yourself.

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7X Boost in brainpower!

Finally—you can halt embarrassing “senior moments” with a NEW
brain-boosting powerhouse that works in just 28 nights

Researchers overlooked this stunning discovery for 28 years…

But today, I’ll reveal how you can use it to target the hidden cause of “brain aging” in 28 nights.

Like a burst of youth to your brain cells, this breakthrough wipes away decades of mental rust—for quicker thinking, stronger focus, effortless recall, and the mental stamina you’ve been missing.

Until now, doctors believed “brain aging” was something that just happens. You draw a blank on an old friend’s name. You forget to pick up milk on the way home from the bank. You can’t remember how many scoops of Folgers to put in the coffee maker.

No big deal, right?

Turns out, this is a VERY big deal—because researchers have finally uncovered exactly what’s happening in your brain every time you “innocently” draw a blank…

And it can be downright scary.

Make no mistake—even if you’re completely healthy…

This hidden cause of age-related memory loss
could strike your brain without warning…

Slowly draining your working memory…your ability to think quickly…and your overall brainpower as you age. Meanwhile you can’t feel a thing.

So if you’re having more of those “senior space-outs” lately…be sure to watch this video all the way until the end to discover exactly why this is happening to you—and what you can do to solve it.

It all started when a team of brilliant researchers at Rush University uncovered what goes on in the brain during a “senior moment.”

They looked at brain scans from 354 people in their late 70s and 80s, and saw the shocking evidence right there on every single scan.

But it’s not a plaque, tangle, clot…or anything else you’ll hear about in the news.

They have a scientific name for it, but you can think of it as an “age spot” on the brain. Take a look—you can see them right here on this scan, highlighted in red:

Instead of ignoring this odd discovery, the research team dug deeper, helping to confirm that…

If you want to stop those embarrassing
(and frustrating) flashes of memory loss…

These “age spots” are your #1 target

When this report showed up in a top neurology journal, most doctors shrugged it off.

But there was one physician who realized this discovery will change aging as we know it...

Fred Pescatore, M.D., has been following the research for years—and when news of this discovery hit, he used it to develop a powerful solution for age-related memory loss.

Today, he’s unveiling a brand-new breakthrough with ingredients clinically tested to help target and reverse the effects of “age spots” in the deepest parts of your brain…

So your memory actually gets stronger
as you get older

My name is Karen Reddel and I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Dr. Fred and watching the excitement around this breakthrough grow.

The cornerstone of this solution is sparking a tidal wave of scientific interest…

…because it’s powerful enough to enhance
ALL aspects of brain health

Yes, all of them—focus, attention to detail, quick thinking, mental energy, nerve strength, “housekeeping,” word recall and many other types of memory.

Meet Fred Pescatore, M.D., M.P.H.
Your natural health authority

Dr. Fred makes good health easy to understand and attainable at every age. His natural approach to healing challenges the modern day cure-all obsession for drugs and surgery that come with countless side effects.

You may have already met Dr. Fred on The Today Show, The O’Reilly Factor, Rachael Ray, Extra, and The View – sharing the latest breakthroughs in integrative and nutritional medicine.

He is the author of 7 best-selling books, including The A-List Diet, Boost Your Health with Bacteria, and The Hamptons Diet.

Dr. Fred has his finger on the pulse of natural medicine’s most cutting-edge cures. As a result, everyone from normal hardworking Americans to international royalty are traveling hundreds (or thousands) of miles to visit his renowned clinic in New York City.

After graduating medical school at Columbia University, Dr. Fred studied in Southeast Asia, India, Japan, Africa, and Europe. The techniques he gathered have become part of his broad knowledge of healing.

Through his non-stop research and unique medical connections across the globe he uncovers the most groundbreaking natural discoveries and healing techniques as they happen…sometimes decades before they trickle out to the mainstream.

It’s been studied in 290 human clinical trials…and 95 of them were conducted with the only form of this nutrient Dr. Fred trusts—the one I’m going to tell you about today.

It’s called citicoline. And whether you’re trying to remember where you parked your car at the movie theater…or calculating how much tip to leave after an excellent meal…or plotting your next mahjong move…

Citicoline can help you do it better.

And when it starts working, you’ll notice. Because in as little as 28 days, it can help:

Improve the 4 areas
of your memory

that you rely on MOST

Turns out, your brain doesn’t treat all memories the same way. It stores and retrieves words, details, objects, people, places, and events slightly differently.

To measure how these different types of memory could be changed by citicoline, a team of biomedical researchers put it to the test with people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s.

After 28 days, the results were astonishing. With 500 mg twice a day:

  • Delayed object recall improved 21%
  • Object recognition improved 44%

That’ll come in handy at the grocery store, when you’re trying to remember if there’s any orange juice left in the fridge back at home.

But that’s not all. In a 60-day study, researchers at MIT gave a megadose of 2,000 mg of citicoline to elderly people with aging memories…and the results were even more dramatic:

  • A type of recall known as “immediate logical memory” improved 69%
  • And delayed logical memory improved 57%

It’s impossible for that kind of
memory boost to go unnoticed!

These diverse types of memory make the difference between being on time for your grandson’s birthday party…or having to call and ask—again—where it is and what time you were supposed to be there.

You’ll have all the confidence you need to manage details, dates, passwords, and conversations on command.

This powerful total-memory support is priceless—because there’s no way to know which specific part of your brain is most vulnerable to age spots.

Plus, citicoline helps your brain replenish something else that age spots like to steal from it: Fuel.

The fuel you need to fire up your brain

Dr. Fred explains how age spots are a sign your brain is thirsty for three specific types of fuel:

  • Unrestricted blood flow
  • Life-giving oxygen
  • Powerful nutrients

These go hand in hand, because blood carries oxygen, glucose, and other nutrients to your brain cells, called neurons.

Citicoline works by simply opening up the pipelines to let that fuel in—and helps your brain get maximum power from it.

Using Doppler imaging—the same technology that tracks fast-moving thunderstorms—researchers could easily see how citicoline increases the speed of blood flow in both major arteries of the brain.

Researchers in Spain took it a step further, using Doppler ultrasound, EEG, and doctor-designed cognitive tests.

The placebo group—who did nothing—had sluggish blood flow, lower cognition scores, and less brain activity.

The group taking 1,000 mg of citicoline had healthier blood flow, improved cognition scores, and more bioelectrical activity. That’s a fancy way of saying…

Neurons were well fed, fired up,
and getting things DONE

PLUS, citicoline helps:

  • Refuel your brain’s energy reserves, known as ATP, so your neurons won’t get tired
  • Boost mental performance by increasing your brain’s intake of glucose, an essential cellular fuel
  • Build up your supply of acetylcholine—a vital brain chemical you absolutely MUST have for quick thinking, especially when you’re under pressure

    And finally it helps…
  • Keep your brain cells Teflon-strong and resilient to aging, by reinforcing each fragile cell with a layer of specialized “brain fats” called phospholipids.

But that’s still not all it can do…

 Citicoline also helps your neurons
“breathe in” more oxygen

Your brain needs oxygen to thrive—lots of it. Whether you’re trying to solve a complex problem, like doing your taxes or installing new computer software…your brain cells “breathe in” an extra dose of oxygen to get through it.

Problem is, age spots in your brain slow down that “breathing” as you get older.

The good news is, three studies have shown citicoline helps each brain cell take in more oxygen no matter what your age—like a deep, cleansing breath.

It’s another powerful way to increase your brain’s energy and efficiency.

But I’ve saved the very best for last.

Stunning clinical evidence reveals…

With citicoline, unbreakable focus comes naturally

Early animal studies showed this nutrient supercharges the brain’s “motivation molecule”—known as dopamine.

And now an extraordinary human study reveals what this can do for your daily life—to help keep you focused, attentive, coordinated, and ready for action.

Researchers at the University of Utah’s Brain Institute wanted to find out how powerful a small dose of citicoline could be. So they designed a short 28-day study for middle-aged women, using just 250 mg—and a grueling mental performance test.

To measure focus, attention, and accuracy, one phase of the test was extremely boring—most of the time you’re staring at a blank computer screen, waiting for something to happen.

But in the second phase, so much is happening, you can hardly blink or you’ll miss something.

After 28 days, the difference citicoline made wasn’t just dramatic…

It was absolutely jaw-dropping

The placebo group made DOUBLE the number of errors during the boring part of the test…and nearly 7 TIMES MORE errors during the chaotic part.

That means every time the citicoline group made 1 mistake…the placebo group made 7!

Can you imagine how that would add up
over a day…a month…or an entire year?

Now think about all the details, instructions, and numbers you need to focus on today.

Are you willing to risk making 7 more errors at the bank…the grocery store…or on the highway?

Or would you rather face the day knowing…

Your brain could be 7 times

With the help of citicoline, you can have confidence knowing you’ve fixed all the typos in the church bulletin before printing it…

You can have the laser-focus you need to power through your to-do list…

And, you can have the peace of mind that comes with being completely focused and attentive behind the wheel.

When Dr. Fred first showed me the decades of detailed research on citicoline, I thought it just couldn’t get any better than this. It was the most complete, well-studied brain booster I’d ever seen.

Not only does it target the hidden cause of senior moments…but as you’ve just witnessed, it also has the power to supercharge every single aspect of brain health. He firmly believes every one of his patients over 50 could benefit from this incredible brain revelation…and so can you.

So imagine my surprise when Dr. Fred told me he uncovered a way to take this discovery to the next level…

He combined the patented, powerful form of citicoline he trusts…with a revolutionary discovery that can help you build a better brain overnight.

Together, this combination is the most innovative brain health formula ever made.

Introducing NeuroThrive:
The ultimate antidote for an aging brain

NeuroThrive is a double-powered solution designed to help your brain work at its peak, no matter how many mental “age spots” you’ve gathered over the years.

Citicoline is a necessary first step. But to truly conquer brain aging, you also need to know about a mental “deep cleaning” secret Dr. Fred has been recommending to his patients for years…

You see, during the day, free radicals and cellular waste can build up between your neurons. If left unchecked, this build-up can slow down your thinking…affect your memory…and leave you feeling foggy.

Now, thanks to the groundbreaking innovation you’re about to see, you have the power to…

Give your brain a “deep clean”
while you sleep

Neurologists recently discovered that sleep is your brain’s one and only chance to get a thorough cleaning.

Every night while you sleep, your brain sends in a powerful “cleaning solution” called cerebrospinal fluid to wash away leftover gunk that can gum up your mental machinery.

This cleansing fluid is packed with your body’s powerful master antioxidant—glutathione. You may have heard of it, because it’s made headlines recently as the key to anti-aging.

But what you may not know is that your brain absolutely must have glutathione to stay sharp, accurate, and youthful.

In fact, a decrease in glutathione is directly linked to an increase in memory lapses as you get older.

You can see it right here in this chart from a recent study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine and the National Brain Centre in India:

Less glutathione means more
memory problems as you age

So if you want the kind of crystal-clear thinking that keeps you “on top of your game” every year, you’ve got to have plenty of glutathione.

Problem is…until now, you could only get glutathione at a doctor’s office through an IV. That used to be the only way Dr. Fred offered it. Lab studies out of Bastyr University revealed taking it in a supplement pill just didn’t work...and he didn’t want patients to waste their time or money on them.

But now, for the first time, there’s an astonishingly easy way to get more glutathione at home thanks to a groundbreaking discovery called Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3.

ME-3 does what nothing else on Earth can do:

It maximizes the body’s levels of glutathione in 3 different ways—


Clinical studies show ME-3 helps the body:

  • Make more glutathione on its own
  • Use it more efficiently
  • And recycle it, for even more antioxidant power

It’s so effective, scientists are calling it a “complete glutathione system.”

In fact, a stunning human study reveals taking ME-3 increased total antioxidant activity by 35%!

So what is it?

ME-3 is the world’s first neurobiotic:
A new class of probiotics that help
strengthen the brain

You’re probably used to the idea of taking probiotics for digestion or immune support…but for the brain?

It sounds strange, but the gut is actually your “second brain,” according to Columbia University experts.

There is a direct line of communication from your gut to your brain, and neuroscientists are still trying to understand all the ways they work together.

ME-3 is an innovative way to connect these two systems—helping your gut produce more of the glutathione that your brain so desperately craves.

For the first time, you can build up your body’s reserves of its master antioxidant—and give your brain what it needs for a deep clean—

Without scheduling any doctors’ visits…without having a single IV treatment…and without wasting your money on oral glutathione supplements that don’t work.

That’s what makes ME-3 a complete game-changer in the world of brain health. With this revolutionary glutathione booster, it’s never been easier to…

Clear out the brain clutter
that’s slowing you down

Today, you have a chance to experience Dr. Fred’s groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind neurobiotic formula NeuroThrive…and see for yourself what a stronger, clearer brain can do.

Many people—who haven’t heard about the incredible breakthroughs I shared in this video—choose to believe their memory simply can’t get stronger with age. The most they hope for is to hold on to what they have and try to slow down the mental fog.

But with every dose of the ingredients in NeuroThrive, it’s finally possible to…

Wake up every single day with a better memory
than you had the night before

This double-powered formula has everything you need to reverse “brain aging”…

  • Citicoline (250 mg) helps keep your brain cells working fast and furiously all day, every day, to boost your brainpower and reverse your fading memory…
  • And ME-3 (60 mg) gives you the glutathione-creating boost you need…to help clear away brain clutter while you sleep

NeuroThrive goes to work right away, from the very first dose, and the results get better over time.

You’ll never have to waste another hour searching for your eyeglasses or your keys…

Or make another U-turn because you absentmindedly took the wrong exit on the highway.

You’ll wake up every morning feeling fresh…focused…and ready for whatever the day throws at you.

Finally, everyone will be trying to keep up with you in conversation…not the other way around.

With the level of scientific research and
brand-new technology coming together
to create every bottle of NeuroThrive…

Dr. Fred Pescatore’s
NuLogic Nutritionals
Quality Promise

Every NuLogic Nutritionals supplement is carefully formulated to offer you the best possible support for your health concerns.

Our formulas are:

  • Based on the most up-to-date scientific research available
  • Made with proprietary ingredients that have human control studies to back them up
  • Built in small, controlled batches with a GMP-certified manufacturing facility
  • Designed to deliver real, life-changing results for you

You might expect it to cost a fortune. You’ve seen the “brain boot camps” out there that cost over $100…the complicated supplement packages that sell for over $300 a month…and the memory training programs that cost FOUR hundred dollars.

At that price, NeuroThrive would still be a bargain, considering this nighttime formula gives you everything you need to build a “superbrain” while you sleep.

But brain health shouldn’t have a triple-digit price tag. Today, you can get Dr. Fred’s brand-new brain-strengthening formula—with the power to improve your brain in just 28 nights—for less than $99.
[Animate the price cross-out]

This incredible formula regularly sells for $69.95.

But…if you accept my special invitation today, you won’t have to pay the full retail price.

Details in just a moment. But first, I want to answer a question that many of Dr. Fred’s patients had when they first heard about this—a question you might have too:

“How fast will I feel it working?”

Thanks to the powerful ingredients in NeuroThrive, you could…

  • Feel the mental fog start to clear and get a boost in brain energy pretty quickly—within the first 28 days.
  • Notice that it’s much easier to focus on mentally challenging tasks, like sorting through your brokerage statement…and checking the closing bell report.
  • And even enjoy greater attention to detail when it really counts, whether you’re making an online reservation…or showing your granddaughter how to wind the antique clock in the hall.

But that’s just the beginning. If you’re looking for the best results, don’t stop there.

The incredible fact is…

The longer you take it,
the better it works

Remember, the patented—and extensively studied—form of citicoline in NeuroThrive has been shown to have positive effects in as little as 28 days…and it’s been shown to create dramatic effects in longer-term studies.

So if you need “maximum strength” brain and memory support, don’t stop after 28 days. Keep it up!

You can even take it twice a day for a more potent dose, as studies have returned incredible results at 500 mg.

Today we’re making it even easier to get started with a 3-bottle supply—and you won’t have to pay full price.

That’s the minimum Dr. Fred recommends to get started, so you can give yourself a chance to really feel the FULL power of this breakthrough formula.

When you add a 3-bottle supply to your cart right now, we’ll automatically upgrade you to FREE shipping—and take $10 off the price!

You’ll see that instant discount applied to your cart when you place your order today.

But we’re not done yet…

Because you’ll save even more when you select a 6-bottle supply right now.

When you order 6 bottles through this special presentation, you’ll still get an…

Automatic FREE shipping upgrade—
PLUS a $20 instant discount!

Just place your order now, while we still have NeuroThrive in stock.

You don’t have to worry about entering a special promo code or anything like that, because your discount will be automatically applied to your order. You’ll see the savings right in your shopping cart when you check out. It’s easy.

Dr. Fred and I know NeuroThrive has the power to change your life and help you take control of your brain health. And we want you to feel confident when you order today.

That’s why we’ve made sure you can try it without worry, thanks to Dr. Fred Pescatore’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

NeuroThrive is guaranteed to work for you,
or you’ll get your money back…
any time you ask for it

This guarantee never expires…and there’s no hidden “fine print.”

If you’re not happy with the results you get from NeuroThrive…

If you don’t agree that NeuroThrive is the best all-around brain-enhancing formula you’ve ever tried...all you have to do is send back the unused portion—or even the empty bottle!

We’ll refund every penny of the product price—right away, without questions or hassles.

So if you’re ready to stop worrying about “senior moments”…

If you want to know what it feels like to wake up every day with a better memory…

And if you’re ready to clear away the brain fog for crystal-clear thinking…

Place your order today.

A single dose in the evening is all it takes to…

Experience a burst of mental clarity
in as little as 28 nights

It’s time for you to experience the power of this breakthrough for yourself…with the clinically studied ingredients in NeuroThrive, personally selected for you by Dr. Fred Pescatore.

With NeuroThrive, you’ll start erasing the side effects of decades of “brain aging” in as little as 28 nights—or your money back.

It really is that simple!

But don’t wait…

Demand for brain support is at an all-time high,
and we simply have no way of knowing
how long our current inventory will last

In fact, the last time Dr. Fred released a cutting-edge breakthrough like this…it sold out practically overnight.

But because of our strict quality standards, there was nothing we could do to speed up the next batch.

Disappointed readers had to add their name to a wait list…for weeks...until our new batch was ready to hit the shelves.

So please don’t risk missing out on this.

NeuroThrive is the complete brain solution
you’ve been waiting for

NeuroThrive is guaranteed
to work for you, or you’ll
get your money back

If you don’t agree that NeuroThrive is the best all-around brain-enhancing formula you’ve ever tried...all you have to do is send back the unused portion—or even the empty bottle!

We’ll refund every penny of the product price—right away, without questions or hassles.

This guarantee never expires…and there’s no hidden “fine print.” That’s Dr. Fred’s 100% Money-Back Lifetime Guarantee.

This innovative brain breakthrough has what it takes to help your brain become faster, clearer, and stronger with age…and halt the effects of embarrassing “senior moments.”

Place your order now…and experience the burst of mental clarity that NeuroThrive brings.

I don’t expect our current inventory to last long, especially with the discounts and free shipping upgrades you can take advantage of today by ordering 3 or 6 bottles.

And no matter what you choose, your entire order is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

So place your order now without worry or regrets.

Thanks for sharing this time with me today. I can’t wait to hear how NeuroThrive has changed your life.

To a stronger, healthier brain,

Karen Reddel
Dr. Fred Pescatore’s NuLogic Nutritionals

P.S. With this brand-new formula, it’s FINALLY possible to wake up every morning with a stronger memory than you had the night before! Your order is protected by Dr. Fred’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so place your order now.

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