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A-List A.M. Jump-Start

A-List A.M. Jump-Start


Is the answer to infinite energy hiding in the bottom of a wine barrel?

Feel refreshed, recharged, and renewed—with a recently discovered cellular breakthrough! 

In every easy-to-swallow gel capsule you get...

  • Support endless energy with a boost of cellular-support...

  • Maintain a positive mood, outlook, and perspective...

  • Promote healthy circulation for a boost of heart support...

  • Supply your liver with detox assistance for optimal blood sugar and fat regulation...

  • Promote healthy enzyme function within the body...

  • Help maintain a healthy weight with strong energy and detoxifying support...

  • Support reliable short-term memory...

  • And so much more—all in just one tiny capsule.

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For over 3,000 years—a whole body energy secret has waited for science to catch up—now it’s finally unlocked!

“I just feel SO wiped today.”

Wouldn’t it feel great to never say those words again?

→ The fog clouding your brain is lifted…

→ The weights are brushed off your shoulders…

→ And all of it is replaced with the pep, zip, and fast-firing energy you’ve come to crave.

Today, I’m ecstatic to reveal an incredible development in the growing scientific field of cellular energy.

And while this energy impact is brand new to scientists, researchers, and physicians around the world—its usage by our ancestors predates the Bible. In fact, it’s a…

Tree of Life secret used by vineyards around the globe

For over 3,000 years, vintners have harnessed a very special secret to create the most flavorful, expressive, bold-tasting wines civilization has ever known.

Its impact on flavor is nearly taken for granted today—but science is now discovering why those beautiful oak barrels found in wineries around the world are so effective…

And its role in your boundless energy could be life-changing.

A very specific flavonoid has been discovered within oak trees sustainably grown in France’s Massif Central Forests.

This wood is prized among winemakers as the perfect flavor enhancer—and so it’s used to build the aging-barrels storing some of the world’s finest wine.

But locked inside each plank is a cellular secret to…

  • Supporting endless energy with a boost of cellular-support…
  • Promoting healthy circulation for a boost of heart support…
  • Maintaining a positive mood, outlook, and perspective…
  • Supplying your liver with detox assistance for optimal
    blood sugar and fat regulation…
  • Helping maintain a healthy weight with strong energy and
    detoxifying support…
  • And so much more.

Researchers have discovered roburins—a special type of flavonoid—might greatly affect ribosomes, our bodies’ cellular protein factories. Ribosomes help your cells product energy for your entire body.

And now you can have a secret to these untapped energy ignitors in the palm of your hand…

It’s called Robuvit®

NuLogic Nutritionals and Dr. Fred Pescatore, M.D., are proud to introduce you to the health energy solution finally pushing back against America’s fatigue.

Because of its amazing whole body health properties, it’s the newest addition to Dr. Pescatore’s famed Desert Island Supplement list. In his professional opinion—this is one secret all of his patients must have.

Robuvit is a patented, natural extract from French oak trees standardized to contain 20 percent roburins.

Packed within just one daily capsule, you can experience the same energy-revving secret causing gasps in research facilities around the globe…

With every new study—
Its potential for your health gets

The whole body energy solution you’ve been craving…

In one new study, after just four weeks of taking 300 mg of Robuvit per day, 20 participants had a 25 percent improvement in general fatigue. They also had less tiredness and tension. And a significant improvement in energy levels and positive mental state—without side effects.

Another 2014 study conducted on 91 people found that six months of supplementation with Robuvit (200 mg a day), along with following a had significant effects on the following symptoms:

  • 18% less weakness and exhaustion
  • 29% reduction in short-term memory impairment
  • 51% reduction in joint discomfort
  • 33% fewer headaches
  • 38% reduction in dizziness
  • 40% less weight fluctuation

But Robuvit is much more than an energy solution…
Your heart, mood, liver health, and more
can all use this whole body secret!

If all Robuvit could do was reduce your fatigue, that would be impressive enough. But this amazing supplement can do so much more. Here’s what the science says…

Mood improvements. As a follow-up to the study just mentioned, researchers gave the 91 people who took Robuvit or a placebo a standardized mood questionnaire…

The Robuvit group had significant increases in their scores on “positive” words like active, happy, caring, calm, and loving. And they had significant reductions in “negative” words like gloomy, fed-up, grouchy, sad, or tired.

In fact, the overall mood score of the Robuvit group rose from -6.9 at the beginning of the study to a whopping +4.3 at the end of the study.

Six months later. But the placebo group’s mood only improved from -6.5 to -3.4.

Heart support. One small study showed Robuvit can promote healthy homocysteine levels6

Liver health and detox. The liver is one of the most important organs in your body. It helps regulate blood sugar, proteins, and fat in the bloodstream and plays a key role in removing toxins from our blood. It also processes nutrients from the food we eat, produces cholesterol and albumin (an important protein), and breaks down alcohol.

That’s why it’s crucial to take care of your liver. And recent research shows that Robuvit is a key way to do it. Researchers found that Robuvit helps promote healthy enzymes levels in the liver and increase albumin levels, which helps promote liver health.

Put this untapped energy secret
to work for you—today!

Along with Dr. Pescatore, NuLogic Nutritionals is proud to be one of the first to make Robuvit available to you today.

Every bottle is formulated using the very best in Good Manufacturing Practices, so you can trust the safety and reliability of your purchase.

Each bottle is standardized to contain 20% roburins—the hidden extract making huge impacts on your cellular energy.

And best yet—every bottle of Robuvit is guaranteed to give you the whole body energy you’re craving—or your money back.

→ If you’re not impressed with your newfound energy…
→ If your mind doesn’t feel clearer and more ready to go in the morning…
→ If your body still feels like it’s lagging behind…

You can return your order for the full purchase price (less shipping) anytime.

That’s right, Dr. Pescatore’s guarantee never expires.

So you have nothing to lose today, and only a new untapped reserve of energy to gain.

It’s time to discover Dr. Pescatore’s newest health obsession. Experience Robuvit with your very first bottle today.

Just click below to place your order now. Your mind, your mood, you energy and so much more will be glad you did.

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