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WheyLogic - Chocolate

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Anti-aging "Mega-find" discovered in lush New England pastures

  • Whey protein can help optimize heart health, build lean muscle, and reduce body fat. But as a true super-food, whey protein can do even more…

  • Promote healthy blood-sugar levels. Studies have found that whey protein may aid in the balance of blood sugar. During digestion, whey protein triggers the release of peptides that cause insulin to be secreted from beta cells. It also helps your insulin work more effectively to maintain normal blood sugar levels after meals.

  • Smooth skin. Whey protein is a proven age eraser for the skin. All the skin cells on your body get replaced every 24 days. Getting enough protein in your diet is vital to that process. Protein helps build collagen, keeping your complexion firm and radiant.

  • Strengthen bones. Increasing intake of dietary protein reduces bone mineral loss and supports strong bones. In addition, WheyLogic provides about 366 mg of calcium per 100 grams of protein. And research has shown whey can triple intestinal absorption of calcium.

  • Provide immune system support. Because it is made from raw milk cheese whey, WheyLogic contains immunoglobulins that support your immune system and are beneficial to gut flora. Research shows that even a 25% reduction in protein intake can compromise the immune system.

  • Aid memory. Memory relies on the flow of information between neurons in the brain. Protein helps forge new connections between the neurons.

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Health Concern Blood Sugar Support, Metabolic Support, NuLogic Nutritionals Products, Weight Management
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