Asta-D3 Drops

Asta-D3 Drops




Boost your brainpower in as little as ONE HOUR

BrainLogic is formulated with a powerful brain-boosting extract known as Bluenesse®. This innovative extract comes from a special type of lemon balm only grown in Bavaria, Germany.

Top neuro-scientists have discovered that no other strain of this plant can do what Bluenesse can do for your focus, memory, word recall, brainpower, and overall cognitive strength. All of the things you need to stay independent and in control.

Clinical studies conducted by researchers at Swinburne University revealed Bluenesse can promote fast and accurate word recall—with results in as little as 60 minutes.

Plus, new in vitro research shows that Bluenesse can activate a very tiny, very powerful type of brain cell called M1 receptors. These unique brain cells are critical for a high-performance memory. 

BrainLogic combines this innovative discovery with a neuro-booster known as alpha-GPC, to help keep your brain feeling “young” over the long term.

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Ingredients Bluenesse
Health Concern Brain Health, NuLogic Nutritionals Products
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