Forgotten Nobel Prize-worthy discovery sparks fat-busting breakthrough of the century

With all this fat-burning power packed into one bottle of BurnLogic, it’s easy to see why Dr. Pescatore’s A-list patients are asking for it by name. 

In every easy-to-swallow gel capsule you get...

  • WellTrim iG: The 21st century breakthrough that finally harnesses the Noble Prize-worthy discovery of leptin like never before—to help you crush cravings and bust fat.

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: The fat-burning phenom that helps BurnLogic double-down on reaching your weight loss goals .

  • Raspberry Ketones: The fat-seeking missile that puts stubborn visceral and abdomen fat in its crosshairs and could help keep your tummy lean for life.

  • Green Tea Extract: The amazing “metabolism magician” that helps turn your fat against itself.

Dr. Pescatore has seen this specific combination of handpicked ingredients work weight-loss wonders for clients who depend on their appearance to make a living.

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WEIGHT LOSS ALERT: from America’s foremost authority
on obesity and integrative medicine

Forgotten Nobel Prize-worthy
discovery sparks fat-busting
breakthrough of the century

After 20 years and $20 million dollars, scientists finally
harness your body’s natural ability to help crush cravings
and obliterate fat

Dear Friend,

What took this so long?

On December 1st, 1994, a mild mannered researcher named Dr. Jeffrey Friedman made what many consider the greatest discovery in the history of weight loss science…

A secret cellular signal that tells your brain when to stop eating and your metabolism when to start burning fat.

And as you’ll soon see, simply tapping into this signal could help take you from size what?? To size wow!—in as little as 10 weeks!

This discovery sparked tens of millions in weight loss research…

Countless hours of gushing news coverage from the likes of CNN, NBC, and The New York Times…

And earned Dr. Friedman piles of prestigious scientific awards (and almost a Nobel Prize)…

Then suddenly and unexpectedly… it was all but forgotten.

But now, after over 20 years of trial and error…

A “dream team” of 5 scientists have finally found the simple solution to harnessing Friedman’s “secret signal” to help crush your constant cravings and zap unsightly fat with the help of one simple step

It’s a giant leap forward in weight loss science, that, when combined with diet and exercise, could have you comfortably slipping on your once-too-tight jeans…

Have your friends and relatives gasping…

“I hardly recognized you!”

And have the slim and trim self you’ve always pictured in your mind finally staring back at you in the mirror.

It all started in 1994 when Dr. Friedman found that mice deficient in a specific natural chemical were prone to overeating and packing on the pounds…

But when he upped their levels of this chemical, the mice immediately stopped gorging themselves, started eating normally and stunned everyone by quickly dropping 40% of their body weight.

In short…

They went from fat rats
to mini mice in
no time flat!

This was it…the legendary “secret signal” that helps crush cravings and obliterate fat.

The key to pushing away from the table with food still on your plate and actually feeling ok about it!

To switching your metabolism from simmer to burn…

To helping you shatter every weight loss barrier in your path so you can emerge on the other side with the lean, fit body you desire—in as little as 10 weeks!

He quickly named this weight loss chemical Leptin (from the Greek word meaning “thin”), published his results…and the fanfare began.

Tens of millions in research, non-stop media attention… It was even the answer to the Daily Double on Jeopardy!

But then a small problem
rained on Friedman’s
fat-busting parade

It turned out some people who have trouble losing weight and keeping it off don’t have a deficiency of leptin like mice… they have a resistance to it.

In other words, the secret signal is being sent out, but it never reaches your brain…

When this got out, and people realized that harnessing the fat-busting powers of leptin was a little more complicated than originally thought… things changed in a hurry.

Investors backed out…
The news stories dried up…
And Alex Trebeck hasn’t mentioned leptin since. In short…

Friedman’s “Secret Signal” was
swept under the rugs of
modern medicine

But luckily for your waistline, forward-thinking researchers everywhere still knew that decreasing leptin resistance could be the Holy Grail of natural weight loss science.

And now, after almost 20 years of trial and error…

5 “never-say-die”
scientists have finally cracked
the leptin code!

And you’re about to see firsthand how their discovery has sparked a new weight loss formula that could help kick-start your dieting and exercise, put you back in control of your cravings and have you looking “double-take” trim in only 10 weeks time!

Their first break came in 2005 when scientists zeroed in on a strange African mango with a unique natural ability…

Their research suggested it could help act like a natural bulldozer for the “secret signal” to bust through leptin resistance and travel safely to your brain.

And when they put it through a double-blind, placebo-controlled study they found that participants receiving this mango extract lost an average of 9 pounds after just 30 days.

Not bad… But this required participants to choke down 1050 mg of the extract 3 times a day. That’s a lot of mango!

So while they knew they were onto something… They also knew they could do better. A lot better.

And after a few more years of research they did just that…by creating a brand new extraction process. One that pinpointed the mango’s active ingredient. And…

This one little tweak harnessed
the “secret signal”
like never before

When they put their new extract to the test, the results created a seismic shift in weight loss science …

Participants given just 150 mg of this new extract twice daily lost an average of 28 pounds in 10 weeks…

And even more amazing, they trimmed a whopping 6.7” from their waist size!

In short… This is what we’ve all been waiting for since 1994!

The exciting promise of leptin
has finally been realized!

And captured in one of the most exciting ingredients of the last 100 years.

A weight loss wonder known as WellTrim® iG.

WellTrim iG is the only African Mango extract using this patented, scientifically studied extraction process to harness the awesome powers of leptin like never before.

And only this revolutionary African Mango extract lets you truly…

Experience the awesome power of
“The Leptin Effect”

What’s the “leptin effect”?

It’s dieting easier than you’ve ever imagined possible...

It’s watching three of the biggest “weight loss walls” standing between you and a slender waistline topple at your feet!

And I’m sure you’re familiar with all three…

Weight Loss Wall #1: Constant Cravings

Believe it or not, the refrigerator raids and midnight munchies can all be traced back to leptin.

When you eat less your body goes into “starvation mode” and alerts your brain to eat more—by releasing less leptin.

And when you have a resistance to leptin it simply builds up in your bloodstream instead of getting to your brain.
But in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study WellTrim was able to reduce blood leptin levels by 48.6%, suggesting more leptin was moving from the bloodstream to the brain.

Imagine, eating less and still feeling satisfied, satiated and full…

Noshing on some occasional potato chips or cookies without an overwhelming craving for the entire bag…

Sleeping like Rip Van Winkle because your stomach isn’t grumbling and rumbling you awake at night!

And if that sounds good, just wait until you see what WellTrim does for…

Weight Loss Wall #2: The False Start

You lose a couple of pounds and think you’re finally on the “fat-loss fast-track,” when your metabolism suddenly grinds to a screeching halt. You can’t win!

It’s decreased leptin telling your body to stop burning fat and start storing it in all those familiar “problem areas.”

But researchers were blown away when the same clinical study showed that WellTrim iG helps to support your metabolism by boosting a key fat burning enzyme a whopping 159%!

So don’t get nervous when you first start noticing success, because WellTrim helps shift your metabolism into high gear right when you need it most.

And WellTrim’s just getting warmed up, it also helps you easily bust through…

Weight Loss Wall #3: Off again. On again.

You finally hit your weight loss goal and before you can enjoy it the pounds are packing right back on again… It’s the most frustrating wall of all!

But don’t give up! Stick with WellTrim! Because WellTrim will help keep your cravings in line and your metabolism firing on all cylinders even after you’ve reached your goal, so you can finally stay lean for life!

So go ahead, spring for some smaller clothes because with the help of WellTrim, diet and exercise, they’ll still be comfortable for years to come!

RSVP for that high school reunion because when the date finally arrives, you’ll still be turning heads and hearing…

“Is that really you?”

It is! Because WellTrim’s scientifically studied extract finally brings dieting down to size like never before!

And that’s exactly why America’s foremost authority on obesity and integrative medicine, Dr. Fred Pescatore, has zeroed in on WellTrim iG.

Now, in case you’re not familiar, Dr. Pescatore has…

  • Specialized in weight concerns for over two decades…
  • Is a New York Times bestselling author on the subject
  • Has been invited to speak on the subject countless times on television shows such as Extra, The View, Rachael Ray, and Today

But more importantly, he’s struggled with weight loss himself… And knows exactly how difficult dropping those extra pounds can be.

And when he saw that WellTrim iG had finally cracked the “leptin code” all he could think was…


Want extra support
for heart health?
Well trim covers that too!

In a 2009 study, WellTrim iG showed its talents stretched far beyond tamping down cravings and firing up metabolisms.

Even though the participants were in good health to begin with, when they took just 150 mg twice daily they also displayed an…

  • Improvement in fasting blood sugar
  • Improvement in total cholesterol
  • Improvement in LDL cholesterol
  • Improvement in CRP levels


So unlike those harmful “cleanse diets” and caffeine-packed energy drinks… WellTrim iG doesn’t just help you look good, it’s also good for you!

“I wish I had this
20 years ago!”

Because he knows exactly how easy weight loss can be when you finally crush those constant cravings and rev up your metabolism to full throttle…

And when combined with a healthy diet and exercise the sky’s the limit!

That’s why he’s made WellTrim iG the centerpiece of a brand new weight loss formula known as BurnLogic!

BurnLogic was designed specifically to give you the leg-up on weight loss that Dr. Pescatore never had.

It’s quickly becoming the top-selling supplement at his exclusive Manhattan clinic where A-list, celebrity clientele are reporting amazing results!

And believe it or not, it helps triple the patented power of WellTrim iG by including…

3 more fat-busters
on the cutting edge of
weight loss science

After successfully treating thousands of patients with weight concerns…

Dr. Pescatore learned that the keys to keeping off the pounds lies in controlling your appetite as well as burning more of the food you eat.

That’s why every ingredient in BurnLogic was handpicked with those specific goals in mind.

And one even hides a strange secret that turns your fat against itself.

But before we get into that, let’s talk about an ingredient that has everyone from curious doctors to savvy consumers asking the same question…

Green Coffee Bean Extract:
Fat-burning phenom or
far-fetched fiction?

The buzz all started recently when Dr. Oz called green coffee bean extract a fat burning “miracle.”

Ads popped up everywhere…
Customers flocked to their local pharmacies in droves…
And bottles started flying off the shelves.

But can it really work?
Great big YES!

Sure, we’ve all seen countless flash-in-the-pan fat-burners that fizzle out under scientific scrutiny.

But when it comes to green coffee bean, there’s plenty of hope behind the hype!

Including a recent double-blind, placebo-controlled study that showed when combined with a low calorie diet, participants taking 400 mg of green coffee bean extract a day for just 8 weeks…

  • Lost an average of 11 pounds
  • Significantly reduced body mass index
  • Even improved muscle mass

What’s the secret?

Green coffee beans are absolutely jam packed with chlorogenic acids and polyphenol antioxidants.

Preliminary evidence shows these antioxidants work overtime to support your metabolism and burn fat.

Which, as we’ve already discussed, helps makes the difference between “healthy” and “husky”

Between “self-conscious” and “self-assured.”
Between size What? And size Wow!

But look before you leap, because there are…

3 green coffee bean “must haves”
you absolutely must learn!

The wild popularity of this magic fat-burning bean has vitamin hucksters cutting as many corners as possible to line their coffers...

But there are 3 absolute essentials you must look for to ensure a quality fat-burning coffee bean. You may want to write these down.

  • Your green coffee bean should contain no less than 30% Chlorogenic acid…

Remember chlorogenic acid is one of the main keys to green coffee beans’ weight loss supporting power. That’s why Dr. Pescatore has chosen a grade A coffee bean for BurnLogic which contains up to an eye-popping minimum of50% chlorogenic acid content! Next…

  • Your green coffee bean must be 95% water soluble…

There’s no compromise on this one… If your green coffee bean doesn’t break down properly it simply moves through your system with no effect.  And BurnLogic has taken great lengths to ensure that every dose is no less than 95% water soluble. So the fat-busting power of green coffee bean is broken down and rushed directly to your system as quickly as possible.

  • Your green coffee bean must contain no more than 3% caffeine.

Let’s face it, you want to burn fat and curb your cravings but you don’t want to be a quivering, jittering mess! That’s why the green coffee bean extract in BurnLogic contains less than 3% caffeine… So it’s practically caffeine-free!

With BurnLogic you get WellTrim iG which harnesses the amazing fat-busting powers of leptin like never before…

Along with the fat-burner that’s causing more buzz than the Beatles, Green Coffee Bean Extract.

And we’re just getting warmed up…

Both WellTrim iG and Green Coffee Bean can help curb your cravings as well as help melt fat from all your frustrating problem areas… Your hips, your thighs, your arms… The list goes on and on.

But with BurnLogic now you can …

Combat even the most stubborn fat
with this weight loss wunderkind!

Believe it or not… Not all fat is created equal.

And there’s one type in particular that’s not only stubborn…but dangerous!

It’s buried deep within your body and aside from looking unflattering it can also lead to other health concerns.

It’s called visceral fat and if you have fat around your belly and abdomen (can you say “muffin top”!) then you’ve got it.

And you probably also know how difficult it can be to get rid of it…

That’s why Dr. Pescatore insisted on packing 200 mg of Raspberry Ketones into every dose of BurnLogic.

Now of course more research needs to be done in humans but…

Raspberry Ketones have been shown in a recent mouse study to specifically zero-in on visceral fat like a flab-seeking missile!

It does this by boosting a specific natural chemical called adiponectin which helps burn visceral fat cells into life-infusing energy!

This could be the long-awaited answer
for those “problem pounds”
you thought would never

The new-kid-on-the-block breakthrough that could finally help let the air out of your “spare tire”…

And help keep your stomach looking slim and trim.

But believe it or not, BurnLogic still has one more amazing trick up its sleeve…

You’re about to learn…

One strange secret that turns
your fat against

I know, it sounds weird but just bear with me for a second.

Now, the majority of the fat in your body is made up of what’s called “white fat” which basically builds up and gets stored in all the trouble spots we discussed earlier…

But recently scientists were amazed to find an altogether different type of fat known as “brown fat.”

And the more they studied it, the more fascinated they became.

Because it doesn’t just lie there doing nothing—when properly stimulated, brown fat has the fascinating ability to….

Melt “white fat” like a marshmallow
in a blowtorch!

According to Harvard researcher Aaron Cypress…

If brown fat is maximally stimulated, a 150 pound person could burn up to 300-500 calories a day.

That’s the equivalent of jogging four miles… Without ever moving your feet!

So the question is, “How can you stimulate brown fat?”

For the longest time science didn’t have a clue…

But just this year came a HUGE breakthrough which is changing everything!

A study from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that green tea extract containing 270mg EGCG helps stimulate brown fat up to a jaw-dropping 35-43%...!

That’s why Dr. Pescatore calls…

Green tea and brown fat:
A marriage made in
Weight-loss heaven

And that’s also why he’s included 300 mgs of green tea extract (containing 70mg EGCG) in every single dose of BurnLogic.

With all this fat-burning power packed into one bottle of BurnLogic, it’s easy to see why Dr. Pescatore’s A-list patients are asking for it by name.

In every easy-to-swallow gel capsule you get…

WellTrim iG: The 21st century breakthrough that finally harnesses the Noble Prize-worthy discovery of leptin like never before—to help you crush cravings and bust fat.

Green Coffee Bean Extract: The fat-burning phenom that helps BurnLogic double-down on reaching your weight loss goals .

Raspberry Ketones: The fat-seeking missile that puts stubborn visceral and abdomen fat in its crosshairs and could help keep your tummy lean for life.

Green Tea Extract: The amazing “metabolism magician” that helps turn your fat against itself.

Dr. Pescatore has seen this specific combination of handpicked ingredients work weight-loss wonders for clients who depend on their appearance to make a living…

And now it’s your turn!

Because really

Why should the “celebrity set”
have all the fun?

The 3 biggest fallacies
about fat-loss

1. Cravings are all a matter of will power.

Wrong! Overeating has little to do with being “weak willed” and “powerless” and a lot to do with the natural chemical leptin. Once WellTrim helps create a natural pathway for leptin to help curb your cravings, you’ll see how easy it is to resist temptation!

2. Being fat is “just in your genes.”

Wrong again! Sure, genetics play a part but coming from a “big” family doesn’t mean you can’t keep yourself slim and trim. BurnLogic helps shatter this myth with 4 of the most cutting-edge weight loss ingredients that help cut even the most stubborn fat down to size.

3. You’re too old to lose weight.

Wrong, WRONG, WRONG! Just because your metabolism slows down as you age does not mean you can’t help rev it back up. Dr. Pescatore has seen BurnLogic do just that for countless patients of all shapes and sizes. Now it’s your turn!

They shouldn’t! That’s exactly why Dr. Pescatore is now sharing the fat-burning powers of BurnLogic with a select few outside the confines of his exclusive Manhattan clinic…

And if you’re rading this then you’re part of that elite club.

Dr. Pescatore has written best-selling books on weight loss, given countless lectures and appeared dozens of times on national TV regarding the subject…

And after 20 years of experience he still says…

“As a doctor and expert on the subject of weight loss, I’ve never seen a more effective natural, fat-busting formula than BurnLogic.”
-Dr. Fred Pescatore

He’s seen it work in patients of all ages, sexes, and body types and now…

You’ll see the difference too
or you won’t pay one cent of the product price!

In fact, Dr. Pescatore is so confident in BurnLogic’s ability to fight your fat fast that he’d like to offer you a promise.

Simply think of the amount of weight you’d like to lose…10 pounds, 20 pounds, up to 30 pounds.

And if you don’t lose it in as little as 10 weeks, we’ll refund the entire product price (less shipping). It’s that simple!

Maybe you measure success in inches. That’s fine too! 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches… Go for it!

If you haven’t trimmed the inches off your waist in in as little as 10 weeks we’ll offer you a complete refund (minus shipping). No hassles, no fuss…the bottle’s on us!

Once you combine BurnLogic with a low carb diet and exercise, we guarantee you’ll see a noticeable difference in your waistline, more definition in your face, and toned arms and legs…with each and every passing week!

And you won’t be the only one who notices!

Plus it couldn’t be simpler.

BurnLogic is not a fad diet, bitter drink mix, or gimmicky weight loss contraption.

It’s just two, easy-to-swallow daily gel capsules jam-packed with four of the most powerful fat-busters known to man.

And you can experience the amazing difference risk-free by simply clicking below right now!

Don’t put it off another second…

The “A-listers” aren’t waiting
and neither should you!

We’re trying to keep this offer limited to Dr. Pescatore’s in-house patients and an exclusive list of customers like you in order to keep supply on hand…

But it won’t be long before this “celebrity secret” to fat loss reaches the general public and bottles start flying off the shelves.

So get in on this risk-free offer today while you still can!

The slim and trim body you’ve always wanted could be only one risk-free click away.

So place your order now and see just how easy weight loss could be with BurnLogic on your side!

To a slim, trim, fresh-from-the-gym you,

Karen Reddel
President, NuLogic Nutritionals

P.S. Imagine how much easier weight loss could be without the constant cravings and a fire lit under your metabolism. Find out risk free by ordering your bottle of BurnLogic today!

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