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Defeat toxic buildup in just 14 days!

In just 14 days you can feel:

  • Renewed energy and vibrancy
  • Enhanced clarity, focus and concentration
  • Lighter and less bloated with comfortable digestion
  • Flexible, limber and mobile
  • Even more positive, dynamic and youthful

Defeat toxic build-up in just 14 days, without giving up your favorite foods, without living on lemon water, and without dropping $1,000 on special juicers, blenders, and foul-tasting concoctions. See the full story below!

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The five most dangerous toxins
are lurking inside 100% of Americans tested...

Right now they may be crushing your metabolism, sapping
your energy and sabotaging your immune system.

But read on now and learn how you can help your body naturally …
  • Without giving up your favorite foods…
  • Without living on lemon water…
  • Without dropping $1,000 on special juicers,
    blenders and foul-tasting concoctions…

Dear friend,

Detoxifying your body is no longer a new-age, tree-hugger concept. In fact, our modern lifestyles REQUIRE a periodic detox.

According to an EPA report, 100% of the Americans tested were infected with the world’s five most dangerous toxins.

100 percent!

That means YOU are in danger too…this very minute!

They’re toxic chemicals from industrial pollution and they can do some serious damage to your liver, heart, lungs, and your nervous system.

Nine more chemicals were found in 91-98% of those tested.

That means, even if you don’t smoke or drink…even if you eat only locally grown, organic foods…even if you live in the most pristine mountain air of an untouched wilderness dreamland, chances are…

Five of the world’s most dangerous toxins are wreaking havoc
on your body as you read this letter

Upsetting your natural hormonal balance, trashing your energy, destroying your metabolism, unhinging your immune system, even spoiling your mood and ability to manage stress.

Toxic exposure is unavoidable!
But finally there’s a modern solution that’s fast, effective and oh so easy

A breakthrough to help support your body’s natural detoxification process and can help rid your body of toxins in just 14 days. Without restrictive fasting or dieting…

Without dropping thousands of dollars on some far-away sweat lodge in the wilderness…

And without missing a beat in your daily life.

In fact, it’s so simple, no one will even know you’re detoxing!

But in just 14 days you can feel:

  • Renewed energy and vibrancy
  • Enhanced clarity, focus and concentration
  • Lighter and less bloated with comfortable digestion
  • Flexible, limber and mobile
  • Even more positive, dynamic and youthful

And I’ll offer you a FREE GIFT just for trying this simple, yet powerful, detox breakthrough.

So if you’re already wondering if you need to detox. The answer is…

Toxins not only appear to be affecting our ability to produce energy, to physically exercise, but that at the hormonal level, they also appear to be affecting our fundamental desire to exercise.

-- Paula F. Baillie–Hamilton, M.B., B.S., D. Phil.

YES! Every adult needs to detox.
EVEN YOU and even me

If you ever get your clothes dry cleaned, you’re breathing a dangerous chemical called perchloroethylene, known to cause cell damage in lab animals.

If you ever use moth balls, toilet cleaners or household disinfectants, chances are good you’re being exposed to paradichlorobenzene, another cell damaging chemical.

If you smoke or live with a smoker, you’re being exposed to all kinds of harmful chemicals, especially benzene—one of the most dangerous, lung-damaging toxins in the world.

Believe it or not, even your shower and your washing machine expose you to dangerous toxins. Because the chlorine in your water turns into chloroform once it’s heated—you’re breathing the steam and it’s absorbing into your skin.

Plus, even though your daily medications are designed to improve and maintain your health, they’re processed in the liver and kidneys as well, putting a daily strain on your body’s natural detox system.

It’d be nearly impossible to point out all of the ways you’re assaulted by toxins every moment of every day.

But I can tell you about a safe, inexpensive and blissfully simple way to help your body shed those toxins and take control of your health in just 14 days

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about detox programs—fasting, flushing, rigid protocols and restrictive diets—let’s just scratch all of that.

You won’t have to choke down any weird, herbal, hippy concoctions…

You won’t have to give up food and live on broth or juice for two weeks straight…

You won’t have to empty your bank account and sit on a mountain top meditating in silence with the yogis…

In fact, you’ll barely have to change anything at all!

Just two, easy-to-swallow capsules, before each meal and in 14 days, this comprehensive detox solution could have you running circles around your “old self.”

  • You’ll enjoy real, lasting energy…instead of feeling worn out and fatigued
  • Trips to the bathroom will feel easy and productive…not frustrating
  • Enjoy healthy weight management…without fasting or starving yourself
  • Your immune system will have the support it needs to help keep you healthy, all year long
  • Even enjoy a more positive, upbeat outlook and attitude!

After nearly 20 years in the natural health industry I’ve never seen a faster, safer, more convenient detox solution.

And, in just a moment…

I’ll explain how you can
be one of the first to feel the simple detox difference

But first, a quick introduction…my name is Karen Reddel, President of Dr. Fred Pescatore’s NuLogic Nutritionals. And I’m honored to be working with one of the leading physicians in integrative medicine.

Dr.  Pescatore is a practicing physician with over 20 years’ experience. And the creator of this breakthrough detox solution.

Before opening his own nutritional medicine practice in Manhattan, Dr. Pescatore worked alongside the late Dr. Robert C. Atkins as Associate Medical Director of The Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine.

Since then he’s authored eight books including the New York Times best-seller, The Hamptons Diet and the No. 1 best-selling children's health book, Feed Your Kids Well.

He’s the President of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, and a member of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine.

And his focus on health, nutrition and weight loss has landed him television spots on The View, Extra, Rachel Ray and the Today Show to name a few.

“Dr. Fred” has long believed in the merits of living a toxin-free lifestyle, but so many of the “standard” protocols are expensive, cumbersome and largely ineffective.

So we couldn’t be more excited to offer you this chance to…

Are you suffering from "hidden" constipation?

Did you know that, even if you have a healthy bowel movement, every single morning, there could still be months, even years, worth of unpassed waste still lining the walls of your colon?

Over time, this caked-on, built-up waste can not only stand in the way of your body's natural elimination process, but the toxins your body should be eliminating could leach through the walls of your colon and back into your body!

But the gentle, natural vitamins, herbs, enzymes and probiotics in each easy-to-swallow DetoxLogic capsule are designed to ensure colon health—sweeping out toxins and ensuring your bowels empty more fully each and every time you go.

So don’t wait another minute. Order your risk-free supply of DetoxLogic and rid your body of toxic waste buildup now!

Be among the first to experience the fastest, simplest, most
effective detox solution we’ve ever developed

To feel the difference in your energy, vibrance and endurance that comes with stripping away years of toxic buildup.

Because you probably don’t even realize what toxins are doing to you.

If you’re like most folks, you dismiss every day aches and pains…lapses in energy…anxiety… occasional indigestion, constipation and diarrhea as just a natural part of life. 

But, believe me, there’s nothing natural about it!

Maybe you’ve been struggling to drop a few (or more than a few) extra pounds. A healthy detox means you could finally stop struggling.


Because I have some GREAT news.

When it comes to weight loss, it may NOT be willpower standing in your way, it could be toxins!

In fact, studies show that toxins not only sabotage your metabolism, but they can crush your energy and even stunt your drive to succeed.

Toxins mimic your body’s natural hormones…the very chemicals that control your energy, hunger and even the foods you crave.

And boy does toxicity love company!

Because once the toxins take over, your cravings tend to be for high-carb, fatty, sugary, toxic foods that trash your health and thwart your weight loss goals.

Are cash register receipts unhinging your hormones?

The short answer is, quite possibly. A 2010 article published by the Environmental Working Group cited the presence of the endocrine disrupting chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in 40 percent of 36 printed receipts collected from fast food restaurants, big retailers, grocery stores, gas stations and post offices in seven states and the District of Columbia.

BPA is found in plastic water bottles, food storage containers and the plastics lining the inside of canned foods.

This dangerous toxin started making headlines a few years ago when studies showed that BPA can mimic natural estrogen—causing potentially dangerous neurological and behavioral effects.

And while there’s no easy way to tell if the receipts at your local retailer are lined with BPA, you can help protect yourself from harmful toxin exposure by doing a safe, simple, quarterly detox with DetoxLogic!

So don’t wait another minute! Click here and order your risk-free supply of DetoxLogic now!

Toxins literally brainwash
you into sitting on
the couch eating junk food!

And if that weren’t bad enough, toxins not only work toward making you fat…they work even harder to keep you fat.

And as you start to burn fat, lose weight and get closer to your fitness goals, the toxins stored in your fat cells get released back into your body—fighting your wellness efforts every step of the way.

This vicious cycle is the “gremlin” behind the dreaded plateau effect, yo-yo dieting and just generally poor health.

But, believe me—IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

And in just 14 days this unbelievably simple detoxification process helps your body capture toxins and remove them safely and effectively.

In fact, after just a few days, don’t be surprised if your cravings for junk food just magically disappear!

Any time you feel sluggish or anxious…drained or grumpy…achy or stiff…that may be toxins, toiling away, destroying your health and sapping your energy.

But now you can conquer those health-stealing gremlins right
at the source—and it couldn’t be easier

Your body is already equipped with a truly powerful detoxification system.

Your liver works around the clock filtering toxins out of the foods we eat and the water we drink…while your kidneys filter toxins out of your blood stream…finally your colon and the rest of your urinary tract work to excrete everything your body doesn’t need.

These important organs work like sponges, wiping away the toxic grimes that make it into your body—whether you eat it, drink it, touch it or breathe it—and then “wring themselves out” eliminating unwanted toxins from your body.

But think about the sponge you use in your kitchen—wiping up spills and messes, cleaning dishes, etc.

After a few weeks, that sponge is caked with dirt and looks terrible!

All of the rinsing and squeezing in the world doesn’t restore its original cleanliness, so eventually you’ll just throw it away.

In just a couple of weeks, it’s actually dirtier than the messes you’re trying to clean, right?

Well, you’re only born with one liver, one colon and one pair of kidneys…

You can’t just toss your organs out and get new ones
But you can give them a little break so they continue functioning right!

All it takes is a periodic detox—just two weeks at a time, up to four times a year. Adding just the right set of nutrients to your diet, at just the right time.

Giving your vital, detoxifying organs the tools they need to renew, refresh and help continue ridding your body of toxins quickly and efficiently.

That doesn’t mean drinking a gallon jug of filtered water or juices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It doesn’t mean two weeks of bland chicken and steamed broccoli either.

There are no expensive meals to buy, no rigorous protocols to follow—take everything you thought you knew about detoxing and toss it out the window.

Because the solution I’m about to introduce you to defies everything those magazine ads and movie star stories convinced you about detoxing.

Introducing DetoxLogic: the fastest,
simplest, most comprehensive
solution to renewed energy, healthy
weight management  and feeling your best

What a lot of those movie star fads and expensive, exotic, on-location detox frauds fail to address is that there are three stages to a healthy detox.

And skimping on any one of these stages can actually be more harmful than not detoxing at all!

But DetoxLogic covers them all, with a powerful array of nutrients—each designed to support your liver’s efforts—scouring your body, identifying harmful toxins, capturing and eliminating them.

It’s fast, it’s safe and it’s unbelievably easy.

There are no special drinks or restrictive diets…no fasting or flushing… There’s nothing that will stand in the way of your typical healthy lifestyle

No one even needs to know you’re detoxing!

Just two, easy-to-swallow capsules, before each meal, and DetoxLogic goes to work addressing all three crucial stages of detoxification.

Phase 1: Neutralization
Your liver does the lion’s share of the work here—producing enzymes called cytochrome P450 to neutralize toxins and get them ready for Phase 2.

DetoxLogic delivers a powerful array of nutrients to protect, support and fortify your liver. Starting with Siliphos® Silybin Phystosome®, a standardized, proprietary, easy-to-absorb milk thistle extract.

Plus Chlorella-Cracked Cell Powder to bind with dangerous contaminants…making them easier to collect and eliminate.

Phase 2: Conjugation
This is actually the most important stage of the detoxification process. And it’s a stage that neither fasting nor most of those expensive celebrity detox programs even address.

But skipping Phase 2 is actually dangerous!

Because not only does Phase 1 create a tremendous amount of free radicals, but some of the neutralized toxins create toxic byproducts that are even more dangerous than the toxins themselves.

But DetoxLogic delivers a proprietary form of grape seed extract, engineered for outstanding bioavailability—supporting healthy liver function while defeating dangerous free radicals.

Plus, Curcumin C3 Complex®. This triple-strength antioxidant not only helps support the liver during Phase II , it also helps neutralize dangerous free radicals—protecting you against damaged DNA and premature aging.

DetoxLogic also deploys an army of amino acids that bind to the neutralized toxins preparing them for Phase 3.          

Phase 3: Elimination
This is exactly what it sounds like. After supporting your body’s neutralization process—collecting all of the toxins in your body…it’s time to say goodbye as they’re excreted in both your urine and your bowel movements.

That’s why DetoxLogic supports healthy urinary function…it supports and protects your digestive tract with a powerful probiotic called Bacillus coagulans…plus the gentle, natural laxative magnesium citrate with fiber from burdock root…These not only help ensure comfortable, regular bowel movements, they may also help strip away months, even years, of waste built up on your colon walls.

You may notice a difference in the size and quality of your bathroom visits, especially in the first couple of days.

But don’t worry, DetoxLogic won’t have you running for the bathroom!

Best of all, DetoxLogic works its magic while you’re
working, traveling, sleeping—you’ll never miss a beat.


And with each passing day, don’t be surprised if stubborn old nuisances simply disappear.

Achy joints? That could be a product of aging…BUT it could also be toxic buildup!

Are you poisoning your leftovers?

If you’re like me, you were raised not to waste any food. So at the end of a meal, chances are you either wrap your leftovers in plastic wrap, or you secure them in an airtight container.

But many wraps and plastic containers contain the hazardous chemical BPA. Suspected of causing hormonal and neurological problems in both animals and humans, BPA can leach into your foods and become part of your next meal…especially if you reheat your foods while in contact with the plastic.

Instead, it’s best to store foods in glass, porcelain or Pyrex whenever possible.

And then help protect your entire body against dangerous toxins with a blissfully simple quarterly detox with DetoxLogic.

Protect yourself and start stripping away harmful, toxic buildup…order your risk-free supply of DetoxLogic today!

Instead of feeling “fuzzy” and sluggish, you’ll enjoy lasting natural energy, clear thinking and a vibrant outlook.

You’ll feel great, with your immune system supported and your body’s ability to fight off dangers well-protected.

Don’t be surprised if you notice a difference in the mirror as well!

As the detox process “de-gunks” your metabolism and helps cleanse your colon, don’t be surprised if healthy weight loss becomes ever easier!

Plus, while the powerful antioxidants in each daily serving of DetoxLogic fight off the ravages of free radical damage, you’ll not only feel younger, you may look younger as well!

Without changing your healthy lifestyle…without expensive creams or washes…without making a mad dash for the bathroom…and WITHOUT ANYONE EVEN KNOWING YOU’RE DETOXING!

Just two, easy-to-swallow capsules, before each of your daily meals, for two short weeks is the only thing you’ll do differently.

But, with each passing day you’ll feel:

  • Lighter and more energized as your cellular metabolism gets the support it needs
  • Limber and flexible as toxins are pushed from your body
  • Sharp, focused even more positive and upbeat
  • Strong and protected with a well-supported immune system
  • Comfortable and clean as bowel movements become easier, more reliable and fuller
  • More youthful as antioxidants undo the ravages of free radical damage

And because there are no strict diets or annoying protocols to follow, those two weeks will fly by in no time at all!

DetoxLogic is not only blissfully simple,
it’s remarkably affordable!

Did you happen to catch the 2003 reality TV show where celebrities attempted a detox program? Hopefully you missed it.

Because the show followed several has-been movie stars who traveled to Thailand and suffered through a week of colonic irrigation. They had a hose inserted into their rectum and water was pumped into their colons to help flush out waste build-up.

Every day, for a week!

I couldn’t even begin to imagine the experience…much less the expense. And colonics don’t do a thing to address the toxins stored in the fats throughout your body.

Have you ever heard of the other detox plans out there? One program claims you’ll lose over 20 pounds in 3 weeks living on nothing but juices, shakes, teas and broths.

The program costs $199 not including the recommended vitamin supplements, colonics, coffee enemas and a juicer.

Plus, no solid food for three weeks? Yikes!

But wait, it gets even worse!

There is another “simple” three-week detox program…or so they say.

For $425 they’ll send you a kit filled with powdered shakes, supplements and probiotics. And for the next 21 days you can’t eat eggs, dairy, citrus, grains, red meat, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, coffee, salt—and the list goes on.

Then, right after the first three week detox, for another $105, they’ll send your “follow up”  kit with more shakes and supplements to “stay clean”…and for $199 more you should also order their “Between Cleanses” kit with more shakes, supplements and restrictive dieting.

Holy smokes! That’s $729 and a plan that forces you to give up all of your favorite foods…for darn near forever.

And not one of these plans addresses all three critical
phases of detoxification the way DetoxLogic does!

Plus, using DetoxLogic means:

  • You can continue eating all of your favorite healthy foods…
  • You have the freedom to detox without disrupting your lifestyle…
  • No strict diets or challenging rules and protocols…
  • You detox in private—no one even needs to know you’re detoxing

It couldn’t be easier!

Because this detox program isn’t a program at all!

No detox should last more than a couple of weeks at a time. DetoxLogic was designed to be taken for just two short weeks—without making any other changes to your daily healthy lifestyle.

No one even needs to know you’re detoxing!

But, as you know, toxins are unavoidable.

So in order to continue feeling your best, Dr. Fred recommends a
quarterly detox—and I’m about to make it even easier!

A one-bottle supply of DetoxLogic is just $59.95…far cheaper than those crack-pot, liquid diets that do nothing to address the three critical phases of detoxing.

And your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed
If you don’t feel amazing—it’s FREE!

In just two short weeks you can feel:

  • Renewed energy and vibrance
  • Enhanced clarity, focus and concentration
  • Lighter and less bloated with comfortable digestion
  • Flexible, limber and mobile
  • Even more positive, dynamic and youthful

But, if at the end of your 14 day detox, you aren’t convinced that DetoxLogic is the simplest, most convenient way to remove toxins and super-charge your health, just give us a call anytime, return any unused portion and we’ll refund every penny (less shipping).

You have nothing at all to lose and a lifetime of
healthful, vibrant, energetic  living to look forward to

Every time you smell an air freshener…take a hot shower…clean your windows…walk across a park or a lawn…drive in a car…walk near a cigarette smoker…even take your daily medications…

You’ll know that DetoxLogic is on your side, helping your body naturally  fight toxic buildup, rounding up all kinds of unwanted dangers, neutralizing them and pushing them from your body.

So why wait? You know you’re surrounded by toxins… you know what they’re doing to your body every minute of every day…and you know that no other comprehensive detoxification program even comes close to the fast, simple and effective results you’ll get from DetoxLogic.

Plus, if you aren’t absolutely convinced…if you aren’t 100% satisfied…if you don’t feel an incredible lift in energy, vibrancy, health and wellness, simply return any unused portion—ANYTIME—for a prompt and courteous refund (less shipping), no questions asked.

So, help your body naturally fight the ravages of daily toxins in just 14 days. Enjoy boundless energy…easier weight management…support your immune system and more. Order your risk-free supply of DetoxLogic now!


Karen Reddel
Dr. Fred Pescatore’s NuLogic Nutritionals

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