PurpleLogic Superfood Blend

PurpleLogic Superfood Blend




"Hit the head" before bed...and sleep soundly until morning!

No matter what your worry, today, tomorrow, or the next...this REVOLUTIONARY SECRET is designed to cover it all, so you never have to give a second thought to... 

That's right, no matter what you've tried before, or how frustrated you have been, with this new game changer on your side you'll finally have the chance to maintain...

  • Starting on a dime

  • Keeping your stream strong

  • Finishing fully every time

  • Maintaining control--and comfort

  • And giving a stellar performance in the sack

  • Optimal prostate health, fast and forever!

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BREAKING NEWS: For all men over 40
"Hit the head" before bed...and
sleep soundly until morning!
Thanks to a STUNNING NEW DEVELOPMENT in prostate health that will have everyone saying, "Why didn't I think of that?"
Direct from the President of the International & American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, Dr. Fred Pescatore...

...comes a STUNNING NEW DEVELOPMENT in prostate health that's likely to change the face of prostate care now and forever.
Dear Fed-up Friend,

What is it with the mainstream and prostate advice? They've waffled so much over the years they might as well have Aunt Jemima on the payroll. Take saw palmetto, no wait--don't!

It's wishy-washy at best--and downright maddening at worst. Because while the so-called experts are hemming and hawing over what you should try next, you've been left stranded.

But now, one brilliant M.D. has said "ENOUGH!" He's refused to let one more man get lost in this prostate wasteland. So he's taken up the cause, put his nose to the grindstone, and created what he calls...

complete prostate health

No matter what your worry, today, tomorrow, or the next...this REVOLUTIONARY SECRET is designed to cover it all, so you never have to give a second thought to...
  • Starting on a dime
  • Keeping your stream strong
  • Finishing fully every time
  • Maintaining control--and comfort
  • And giving a stellar performance in the sack
That's right, no matter what you've tried before, or how frustrated you have been, with this new game changer on your side you'll finally have the chance to maintain...

Optimal prostate health,
fast and forever!

And this new revolution is being led by none other than the President of the International & American Association of Clinical Nutritionists. The same ingenious M.D. leading the charge against two of today's biggest epidemics--obesity and diabetes.

Now he's bringing his no-holds-barred approach to health to an area where the mainstream experts have all but rolled over to play dead: complete prostate health.

And it started with the sort of "light-bulb inspiration" you only see in movies...

You might find that your urologist is empty-handed when it comes to good advice because none of the authorities can agree on a course of action. That's because so many of them have been ignoring the obvious FOR DECADES.

You see, when it comes to making EVERY trip to the bathroom a worthwhile one, now and for years to come, the fact is...

There's more to "taking a leak" than your prostate!

Which is why saw palmetto may NOT be the only tool for keeping your trips to the bathroom as worry-free as possible.

...and why you may only be getting marginal results, if any, if that's all you're taking.

And THAT, my dear friend, is the key to...

A NEW GENERATION of prostate health

You can improve your quality of life with fewer trips to the bathroom--day and night--and less uncomfortable urges to go.

You see, Dr. Pescatore's breakthrough supports a key area left by the wayside when it comes to saw palmetto--the bladder.

While saw palmetto can do a stellar job helping to support normal prostate size and function it won't do much for your bladder. Which can also be a substantial source of discomfort for many men with so-called "prostate" issues.

For many men, as they age and their prostate swells, it becomes increasingly important to support bladder and urinary tract health as well. A swollen prostate can press on the bladder and urinary tract and compromise their health and function; creating discomfort, increased urges and difficulty urinating.

And therein lays the secret to Dr. Fred's "light-bulb moment"...

For years, even the mainstream has recognized the potential of one natural fruit extract for keeping the urinary tract healthy in women. And that's cranberry.

Cranberry, like other berries, are a rich source of beneficial phytonutrients. But cranberries in particular appear to have additional properties that make it ideal for urinary health.

In fact, I haven't found anyone yet who hasn't heard the recommendation that women should drink cranberry juice to help the urinary tract.

But show me one man
who's heard of using cranberry
for his own urinary health!

Which is a darn shame...because, as Dr. Fred realized years ago, "IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE!"

And...it's SO SIMPLE.

After using it with his male patients who just couldn't seem to find results elsewhere, Dr. Fred has made cranberry a primary recommendation--right up there next to saw palmetto--for all men concerned about their prostate health.

And now he's making it available to you, too...in an exclusive formulation which I will tell you all about in just one minute. But first, here's even more good news...

Believe it or not, mainstream scientists are finally catching up on providing proof of the power of cranberry for men.

In 2010, a study was published in The British Journal of Nutrition featuring supplementation with dried cranberries in men. In this study, 42 participants received either 1500 mg of dried powdered cranberries per day for six months, or no cranberry treatment at all.

At the end of the study, in contrast to the control group, the patients using the cranberry powder showed statistically significant improvement in the International Prostate Symptom Score, rate of urine flow, average flow, total volume and post-void residual urine volume.

So while this is just one study on the use of cranberry in men specifically for urinary health...you can't discount the traditional use and studies done with women that do indicate the potential for cranberry to help keep unwanted microbes from sticking to the urinary tract wall. While at the same time, providing added antioxidant support.

What's more, emerging research is also exploring the role of cranberry in helping to promote healthy cell growth as well.

That said...

Before you run out to stock up
on cranberry juice cocktail...BEWARE!

There's a boat load of sugar in cranberry juice.

So no matter how much your prostate and urinary tract may need it, it's hard to keep your waistline and blood sugar in check if you drink too much of it!

Which is why the study using cranberry powder in men is key. It shows you may still get the benefit of cranberry if you take it in supplement form.

And that's exactly why you can now get it as part of Dr. Fred's NEXT GENERATION solution for complete prostate health--ProLogic.

ProLogic contains a full 1,000 mg of cranberry extract. So you can support your bladder and full urinary tract...while addressing the rest of your prostate concerns at the same time...

Because of course, ProLogic doesn't stop with cranberry alone.

Dr. Fred's ProLogic is truly on the leading edge of total prostate care. After all, the rich and famous clientele of his exclusive clinic in Manhattan demand only the most cutting-edge, top-of-the-line solutions.

Which is why he also included green tea extract.

Now, I know green tea doesn't sound all that sexy. But don't let its simplicity fool you.

Like cranberry, sometimes the most powerful options are those simple, accessible solutions hiding right under our noses.

And when it comes to powerful...
green tea has quite a reputation!

Which is why it's another essential weapon in Dr. Fred's health arsenal--because, once again, "IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE!"

Green tea has been the subject of many scientific and medical studies over the last few decades, with evidence suggesting a long list of potential health benefits.

In vitro, animal, observational, and clinical human trials suggest that green tea may help with everything from heart health and circulation to supporting bone density and cognitive function.

While human studies have been inconsistent, the traditional use and mounting evidence behind green tea can no longer be denied.

However, it's certainly not something you hear about every day in prostate health...but emerging research shows you might want to get in on this one NOW!

Leading scientists from around the world have begun to explore the link between plant compounds found in green tea and their effects on cell growth. Particularly in men.

And results have been encouraging enough to spur additional studies.

Which is why Dr. Fred chose to lead the way by including it in ProLogic.

With ProLogic, you'll get 100 mg of green tea extract, yielding 30 mg of EGCG in every dose.

And just like that, with the simple, yet ingenious additions of cranberry and green tea extract...

ProLogic raises the bar
like nothing before it!

In just a moment, I'll tell you how you can try it today RISK FREE.

But first, I couldn't claim that ProLogic was the NEXT GENERATION of COMPLETE prostate health if it just had cranberry and green tea alone.

And any other supplement out there that contains only one or two ingredients that claims to offer complete support is full of baloney!

Do you really want to take short cuts when it comes to your continued good health?

Wouldn't it make more sense to invest in something that will cover ALL the bases? What's a few dollars more for the most complete, top-of-the-line solution that has a greater chance of keeping your prostate worries at bay?

Wouldn't it be better to stack the deck in your favor with the highest quality product possible?

Of course it would. IT JUST MAKES SENSE.

The prostate support supplement
that puts others to shame!

With Dr. Fred's ProLogic in your hand, you'll also get the full line up of heavy prostate hitters, including:
  • Saw Palmetto - at the optimal dose according to studies
  • Beta-sitosterol - the active ingredient in herbs well-studied for prostate health
  • Stinging Nettle - for additional all-around urinary support
  • Pygeum Africanum - a rising star in its own right next to saw palmetto
  • And of course - Lycopene, Zinc, and Folic Acid
I could go on for hours outlining the benefits behind each of these prostate all-stars.

But unless you've been living under a rock for the last 10 years, chances are you've already heard of them, and may already be taking them, with some results. But, even then, are you fully satisfied?

In fact, most are so well-researched, even some mainstream urologists know of them! Though I'd guess they're still holding out on recommending them to patients, even if they're taking them themselves.

So let me just touch on the highlights. Of course, with saw palmetto and the added kick of beta-sitosterol, you can help...

Reduce nighttime trips to the bathroom
and urges throughout the day!

The data on saw palmetto, actually known as "the old man's friend," is some of the best around--leaving many other botanicals in the dust.

Not only does it help inhibit the 5-alpha reductase enzyme that has been associated with prostate issues...in vitro studies indicate it may act in other ways to support prostate health--promoting a healthy balance of testosterone and estrogen...and relaxing smooth muscles in the prostate.

Beta-sitosterol actually accounts for some of the beneficial effects of saw palmetto among other botanicals too, including Pygeum, stinging nettle, and even pumpkin seeds.

Numerous studies show supplementing with beta-sitosterol consistently reduces symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate, including urine flow and the amount of urine left in the prostate.

Which leads me to Pygeum and stinging nettle. Like saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol, both of these herbal extracts have been shown to play a part in blocking 5-alpha reductase and aromatase activity. And they have also been shown to help promote increased urinary flow in their own right.

And last but not least...

Zinc plays an important role in the normal functioning of the prostate including in vitro studies that show zinc may promote healthy cell growth. While lycopene can help provide additional antioxidant support and help promote healthy prostate tissue and function.

So what are you waiting for?

Now you can put the most REVOLUTIONARY, COMPLETE prostate solution to work for you. And you can do it with complete confidence with Dr. Fred’s NuLogic Nutritionals' 100% ANYTIME, SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

Ensure you have all the bases covered with ProLogic, which combines the breakthrough support of Cranberry and Green Tea Extract, along with today's most proven prostate powerhouses.

Order as much as you want, and try it for as long as you like. If you're not satisfied at any point, simply return the unused portion and we'll issue a 100% refund of the purchase price (less shipping).

But I'm sure you won't think twice, once you see what COMPLETE PROSTATE SUPPORT can mean for you.

And just in case there was any doubt in your mind...you can have complete confidence in the quality of ProLogic.

All of Dr. Fred's NuLogic Nutritionals products contain only the highest quality ingredients that are all tested for their purity and potency.

All NuLogic Nutritionals products are made in a state-of-the-art-facility with stringent quality control procedures and adherence to the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices. So you can always trust that what is on the label is what's in the bottle.

After all, when it comes to treating his patients, and pleasing his clients, Dr. Fred wouldn't settle for anything other than perfection.

And neither should you.

Which is why I am pleased to be able to offer you the PERFECT DEAL to secure your own personal supply of ProLogic today.

When you order today, you can also guarantee yourself the same low rate for all future orders with our perfectly-simple AutoShip service. It doesn't cost you a thing, and will ensure that you never run out.

So don't put it off another day. Secure your supply of ProLogic now and join the NEW GENERATION of prostate health. You won't believe what a difference it can make!

Here's to your frustration-free future!


Karen Reddel
NuLogic Nutritionals

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